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13 August 2016

ALL the fun of the fair gripped the village today at the 90th Lynemouth Children's Gala, which took place at Lynemouth Welfare Ground from 12 o'clock noon. The Parish Council again supported this year's Gala with a £600.00 donation.

The special anniversary was celebrated in full glory, with attractions, displays, games, a fun fair and bouncy castle, as well as the traditional fancy dress.

Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Jane Common kicked off the event as she was crowned Gala Queen, before parading around the village on a float with her royal party of attendants. Along with the Queen of the Gala other attendance winners featured on the float.

Unfortunately, this year there was no band to play on the day and lead the Gala Queen's Float and parade, the biggest part of the event.

The Gala is a long standing traditional event in the pit village since 1926, the year of the General Strike, with its roots in the warm hearted generosity of the mining communities where people saved hard from their meager pay to fund a celebration of youth and community spirit every year with a fun family day out. Thank you to all who help us keep this proud ethos alive and strong in Lynemouth.

[In some places they pronounce Gala as "gay-la", but in the UK we say "gar-la", since the word originally comes to us from Italian and Spanish and they pronounce it as it is done in the UK. It doesn't matter, both pronunciations are acceptable].

Contact: Audrey Turnbull, 36 Ingleby Terrace, Lynemouth.

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