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22 August 2016


THE Parish Council needs some volunteers to get involved in a mass planting of 5,000 purple crocuses at the Pit Wheel Mining Memorial in Lynemouth this autumn. The bulbs should be planted preferably by the end of September and it’s only six short weeks until October, with the August Bank holiday in between.

This event is designed to educate young people, especially local school children, about polio, a crippling disease that kills and paralyses young children, and how Rotary is working to eradicate it from the world. The purple crocus symbolises the purple dye that is painted on the little fingers of children to show they have been immunised.

We are currently in need of volunteers ready to act as quickly as possible when the bulbs arrive and would love to have you in our team.  No previous  experience is necessary.

If you can help please contact the Parish Clerk by telephone: 07788 111729 or via email: lynemouthparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk

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