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23 November 2016

PARISH councillors unanimously approved an informal 'Friendship Town' arrangement between our parish [Lynemouth] and a district of the City of Essen in Germany [Stadtbezirk 1].

It was felt that such a partnership provides unique opportunities to learn about the daily lives of citizens in our two nations, to talk to them and to develop a lasting bond of friendship with them. In order to make the best possible use of this potential, it will be necessary to rely upon the voluntary commitment of citizens. Links will be made between schools from our two areas linking with the William Leech Campus Northumberland Church of England Academy. Pupil and student exchanges are often one of the high points of a partnership involving parents, teachers and school staff, student associations, etc. 

We look forward to a long and happy association and to learning more about our 'Friendship Town'.

"It has been done. After discussing very much about the town friendship between Lynemouth and the Stadtbezirk I of the city of Essen, the members of the Bezirksvertretung decided to install this friendship. I am very happy about that and hope it will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship where both sides will benefit. .. I wish you and the members of the Parish Council a good time .."

Herr Frank Mußhoff, the Bezirksbürgermeister at Stadtbezirk I of the city of Essen

Essen comprises fifty boroughs which in turn are grouped into nine suburban districts (called Stadtbezirk). Each Stadtbezirk has a local body of nineteen members with limited authority. The area shares a similar industrial history associated with coalmining as well as iron and steel making. The Zollverein coal mine industrial complex consists of the complete infrastructure of a historical coal-mining site. German energy giant RWE was founded there and is based in the city.

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