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07 September 2017

LYNEMOUTH PARISH COUNCIL has formally OBJECTED to application number 17/02327/RENE for the proposed construction of an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility and associated infrastructure at Lynefield Park, Lynemouth, NE63 9YH.

Parish councillors and residents have attended a public exhibition and have studied the potential impact to better understand the position. Following a presentation by the applicant on Wednesday 6th September, the proposal has been discussed in an open and transparent manner at a parish council meeting at which turnout was the highest in recent times, and the Parish Council received several comments from Lynemouth residents who voiced concerns about an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. Local residents feel that strict conditions should be applied to any planning approval regarding site monitoring; air pollution; road networks; digestate spreading; liquor injection; site expansion. They were also disappointed that only a few selected streets on the perimeter of the village had received leaflets/information on the proposal. The main concerns expressed by residents can be summarised as follows:

  1. Location (visual appearance): 500 metres from the village is too close. Residents have concerns over the detrimental visual appearance at the main entrance to the village.
  2. Odour: storing 11+ acres of farm waste and rotten cereals [feedstocks] (equivalent to 6 international football pitches) would affect people living several miles away from the plant.
  3. Highway issues: traffic generation, vehicular access, highway safety - parish councillors have grave concerns about the increased generation of traffic/access. There are only 2 ways to access the site by road: through Woodhorn village and Lynemouth village. Concern that use of tractors would be changed to HGV’s.
  4. Spillage: several hundred, slow moving, dirty vehicles coming off wet fields spreading cargo and clay throughout the road networks, spilling farmyard waste onto roads, streets and pavements with contaminates and pathogens - village school children still walk to school. No contingency plan in place for clean-up.
  5. Noise or disturbance resulting from use: people are concerned about a future expansion into a food waste disposal unit.
  6. Size: 50,000 tons of feedstock, producing 40,000 tons of digestate.
  7. Spreading: Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance to PPS18 Renewable Energy Public Consultation Anaerobic Digestion June 2013, outlines conditions regarding Nitrate Action Programmes (NAP) on land spread.
  8. Employment: the development will not lead to significant creation of long term sustainable jobs in the local area, nor will it create extra local economic activity.
  9. Benefit: No tangible benefits for Lynemouth. It is generally felt that there is much to endure and zero benefit for the local community. Residents see the plant placing additional burdens on local people without any tangible compensating benefits to balance the negative environmental impacts created by the new development.
  10. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): requested for this plant as it appears to be preparing to handle 90,000 tons of material per year.

The Parish Council wishes the planning authority to consider these material planning considerations and refuse the application number 17/02327/RENE for planning consent. this site is within the adjoining/neighbouring Newbiggin-by-the-Sea parish, but it is felt that Lynemouth village and residents would obviously be most closely affected by this proposal.

Observations can be sent to: planningcomments@northumberland.gov.uk by 12th September 2017.

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