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Neighbourhood Watch meeting
04 December 2010

Neighbourhood Watch meeting 25th November 2010 7.30pm at Marston Parish church (part of the normal parish meeting)

Ash Connor from the Chase Watch Team attended to present on the benefits of the scheme and how it can be set up.

The benefits include more community spirit, working in partnership with the police, having a contact number that can be used in confidence to seek advice or pass on information and being kept in the picture about local crime via the free OWL (On-line Watch Link) communication system used by the Staffordshire Police to circulate messages to members of Neighbourhood Watch. Messages alert residents to any suspected criminal activity in the area and they can be sent by e-mail, telephone, FAX or as a mobile phone text message. A number of insurance companies will also give a discount to members of a Watch scheme!

There is no obligation to join the scheme (you won't be pressured to sign up if you do attend the meeting). The scheme is FREE to join, other than a small donation to purchase street signs should they be required.

For those parish residents who expressed an interest in joining the Neighbourhood Watch scheme but could not attend the meeting forms and information sheets will soon be delivered. If you are interested in joining the scheme please contact Helen Peach at or on 07971 965930 / 01889 508253.


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