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    Cornwall Council consults community about Mylor Parish's NDP 

Dear Parishioner

This is to let you know that Cornwall Council's six week consultation on the Mylor NDP is now open. It runs from today, Monday 23 August until Monday 4 October 2021. You can find the documents and leave comments on the Cornwall Council planning register here. 

To view the documents and leave comments, simply type the application number 
PA21/00015/NDP into the online planning register or write to: Head of Planning, Cornwall Council, Dolcoath Avenue, Camborne, TR14 8SX.

If you need a hard copy or have any queries, please contact the Neighbourhood Planning Team at neighbourhoodplanning@cornwall.gov.uk.

This is your final chance to give views, and your opportunity to see how comments received during the Regulation 14 consultation on the full draft plan in summer 2020 have been addressed.

Once the consultation closes, the plan will be signed off by the CC Portfolio Holder for Planning and, all being well, can proceed to Referendum.

Please take this opportunity to have your final say on the contents of the Plan which are the result of nearly four years' research and consultation in the Parish.

Thank you.  

Our future, our plan




Extraordinary General Meeting 29th April 2021

Draft Minutes



Mylor Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood planning was introduced in the Localism Act 2011. It is an important and powerful tool that gives communities statutory powers to shape how their communities develop.

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

In very simple terms, a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is:

  • A document that sets out planning policies for the neighbourhood area – planning policies are used to decide whether to approve planning applications
  • Written by the local community, the people who know and love the area, rather than the Local Planning Authority
  • A powerful tool to ensure the community gets the right types of development, in the right place

Who is responsible for the Neighbourhood Development Plan?

As the Qualifying Body Mylor Parish Council have responsibility for the development of the plan.  A Steering Group, comprised of members of the community was formed, with the sole purpose of overseeing the preparation of the NDP until final submission to independent examination, and a community referendum, and ultimately adopted by Cornwall Council as part of planning policy.

The local community have been engaged along the way to ensure that the plan is representative of Mylor Parish aspirations.

The Steering Group are accountable to Mylor Parish Council for providing strategic development of the processes and to develop the NDP up to final draft submission.

The Steering Group have dedicated a lot of time and effort, over the past 3 years, to understand the process, draft the Plan and manage high levels of community engagement throughout.  For this we wish to thank them, their support is truly appreciated.

The Steering Group

The Steering Group currently comprises of:

VACANT                                              Chairman 

Pat Willmore                                        Administrator

Jane Moss/John Adams                         Communications Group

Jonathan Griffin/James Robinson           Housing

John Killick                                          Business and economy

Tim Brighton                                       Transport

Beccy Brougham                                  Education & Amenities

NDP Consultant

In October, having reached a critical stage in the process, the Parish Council hired the services of an NDP consultant - Stuart Todd of Stuart Todd Associates. Stuart has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all stages of developing a Plan right through to referendum.  He will be supporting us through to referendum, when hopefully the plan will be ‘Made’.

How a Plan is Made

There are three main stages to producing a neighbourhood plan:

Stage 1 – Getting Established

•Designation of the neighbourhood area

•Building an evidence base

•Publicity and engagement

Stage 1 is Complete

Stage 2 – Preparing the Plan

•Drafting the plan

•Meeting the basic conditions

•Pre-submission Consultation

We have just completed the Pre-Submission Consultation and the responses are being reviewed and analysed.

Stage 2 – Bringing the Plan in Force



•Independent examination


This Stage is yet to start

Next Steps

We have just completed the Pre-submssion, or Regulation 14, Consultaion with the public.  The consultation comments received are currently being considered and analysed by the Consultant who will present reccomended amendments to the Plan.  The Parish Council will then consider the recommendations and agree which ones, if any, should be adopted.

The amended plan will be then be submitted for independent examination.  From this stage on responsibility for taking the process forward lies with the local planning authority who will publicise the plan (Regulation 16). The independent examination will then consider whether the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.  If the neighbourhood plan is found to be satisfactory, with modifications if necessary, then the local authority will arrange for the referendum to take place.


People on the electoral register will be entitled to vote in the referendum. If more than 50% of those voting in the referendum vote ‘yes’, then the neighbourhood plan is ‘Made’ and becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area.  This means that it will form part of the statutory development plan for Mylor Parish, so any decisions about whether or not to grant planning permission in the Parish in the future must be made by taking our Neighbourhood Development Plan into consideration.

This is obviously a really critical stage in the process, and EVERYONE in Mylor Parish (Flushing, Mylor Bridge and all surrounding settlements) who can vote should do so.

We currently anticipate a referendum taking place towards the middle of 2021.


Please keep visiting this page for updates.

Read the Draft Plan

All the NDP draft documents can be found here: Mylor Parish Plan  

For all things NDP visit Mylor Flushing Plan  

Do you have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the NDP please email mylorparishclerk@outlook.com








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