Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held via Zoom at 19.30 Tuesday 2nd March 2021




                        A.Pearse                      Parish Councillor & Chairman.

                        K. Smith                      Parish Councillor & Vice Chair.

                        G. Butler                     Parish Councillor

                        J. Harrison                   Parish Councillor

                        D. Russell                    Parish Councillor

                        D. Rimmer                  Parish Councillor

                        D.Stewart                    IW Councillor

                        M. Davies                   Clerk.

4 members of the public.



 The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.


2. APOLOGIES.    S. Hastings (hoping to join later)



Messrs Harrison, Rimmer & Russell declared potential interest in Diamond Races as providers of accommodation, but had received no specific contact.



The minutes of the 2nd March meeting were tabled, read and accepted as a true record. Proposed D. Rimmer Seconded J Harrison


May Elections.


IW Council has not yet produced arrangements for nomination forms or time scales, but these are due shortly.

Any election activities must protect public health & maintain social distancing.

Private cars cannot be used to transport members of the public to vote, and postal voting is encouraged.

K. Smith will be standing down.


South Wight Health & Wellbeing.

Mrs C. Harrison was thanked for her involvement and provided the attached reports.

Contact details for Mental Health Support have been added to the website.

Councillor Stewart advised that the IWC had earmarked £14M over 3 years to support Mental Health & Wellbeing.



a)  Recreation Ground.


First grass cutting has been carried out.

The Clerk reported that the bin at the Westcourt Close entrance was open topped & let in rain, which made it difficult to empty and maintain. It was agreed that the Clerk obtain details of a covered replacement for the next meeting so that this could be reviewed.


b) Isle of Wight Council.  

A report has been provided & circulated to all members.

The main local item of concern is the proposed development at Chine Farm which will not need planning consent but raises issues around access ,sewage & flooding which will all need to be considered by IWC.

The IWC will be consulting the landowners/MP/National Trust & Natural England.

c) Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils.

No meeting.


 d) Local Policing.

3 incidents reported for January-Sandy Way (Theft) & Little Atherfield ( Anti Social Behavior & Burglary)


e) Clerk’s Report.

1) Island Roads charges for Dog Bin emptying will increase from £2.55 to £2.65 from 1st April.

This charge only applies to the bin opposite the Village Hall & there will be 2 collections per week during the summer & one per week during the winter. The other bin is serviced at no cost under the previous contract.

2) A letter has been received about the provision of postal services for villages, where a basic offering of one hour per week could be provided at an approx. cost of £20, where there was suitable office space, internet & some storage. It was agreed to offer this in the Newsletter when it resumes to check if there would be any demand for this provision.

3) The residents at Kingston have approached Island Roads about a speed limit, & Island Roads have added this stretch to their”Safety & Improvement Register”. Councillors Stewart & Hasting have confirmed that IWC hope to address the question of village speed limits shortly & that we should keep this actively on the agenda.

4) Details received from Optio who provide a Voluntary Vaccine Car Service for those who need to attend vaccinations or treatment & do not have transport.

Details added to the website.

All other items are shown under individual headings.


f) Highways Report.

A further visit by IWC has taken place in Farriers Way.

The failure to address this ongoing issue was discussed at the online Cabinet Roadshow last week, & Councillor Stewart has asked one of his colleagues to ensure this matter is resolved without further delay.


6. Planning.

A new revised application for The Granary, Wolverton has been received following the recent refusal by IWC. Further advice has been taken & the proposed new structure is designed to resemble a rectangular barn-like structure with a single ridge line, which should be more in keeping with the immediate area.

It was suggested that the Parish Council make no submission & leave any decision to Heritage & Conservation detailed responses.

 Tremore Cottage-new application for detatched timber carport with storage.

Details just received & these will be sent out to members to review.


7. Finance.


The balance at 28th February was £11,820 .27, after receipt of refund of VAT paid of £117.60


Cheques to be approved for payment.           


Christmas Tree                                                            £115.00                                                          

Clerk's Wages-Feb.                                                    

16.5 hours                                                                   £132.46

HMRC-Tax Ded.                                                        £ 33.20

Admin exp 1/11-28/02                                                £ 11.87

Zoom Monthly Fee                                                     £ 14.39

Rec Ground Rent                                                        £ 50.00


Cheques Issued

001732            A. Ridett                                             £115.00

001733            M Davies                                             £132.46

001734            HMRC                                                            £ 33.20

001735            M Davies                                             £ 11.87

001736            M Davies                                             £ 14.39

001737            Russell Farms                                      £ 50.00           


Proposed G. Butler : Seconded J. Harrison


8. Parish Record Book.

No entry


9. Cemetery Land.


The local Vicar & Churchwarden have been contacted and have confirmed that the possible provision of extra land for the Cemetery would be a local decision.

A new Rector has now been appointed, and she will be contacted when she takes up the post.


10. Footbridge.

This was fully discussed at last week’s online Cabinet Roadshow.

Councillor Stewart has confirmed that an inspection without prejudice must be carried out as a starting point & any issues raised dealt with from a safety standpoint. He has asked a colleague to arrange this, and after this the long term responsibility for the bridge will need to be resolved.


11) Diamond Races.

This was again covered at the online Cabinet Roadshow last week.

The Diamond Races event will not be taking place in 2021.

An alternative event organised by IW Road Races Group is still hoping for an October 2021 date & the ACU Licensing body are due on the Island shortly to consider the proposed course & arrangements. This proposed event would be based around Tapnell Farm & the course would be around Brook,Freshwater & Compton. This would be racing, rather than time trials.

Councillor Stewart confirmed that the IWC would only be prepared to allow an event that met the highest safety arrangements & that the ACU were only likely to licence one event on the Island.


12. Date of Next meeting and Chairman‘s Closing Remarks & Questions.

The date of the next meeting is 6th April 2021 via Zoom.


Other Items Raised.

The Mid Summer Fair will not take place this year. It is proposed to hold a Garden Party in Northcourt in July.

There is a danger of further rural Churches closing, and it was mentioned that St Peters might be vulnerable through declining congregation numbers. It was agreed that the Parish Council would do what it could to keep an active Church at the heart of the community.

Councillor Stewart mentioned that IWC was considering further use of Lateral Flow Tests to help protect workers, events & the Island economy.


There being no further questions the meeting was closed at 8.35 and the Chairman thanked everyone for attending.