There are presently 2 positions open for parish councillors in St. Tudy. Being a member of the parish council is democracy in action and you will be involved in helping to make decisions which can improve the quality of life for local residents in addition to helping to conserve the delightful environment that makes St Tudy so special. Anyone over 18 can join the parish council and the first stage is to fill in this form and send it to the clerk.

Clerk to the Council | Simon Mitchell
Tel: 01208 851356 - messages only

The clerk is the only paid member of the parish council, for 8 hours per week. He is the Executive Officer for St Tudy Parish Council and the Responsible Financial Officer and he runs the website and the administration for St Tudy Parish Council.
Chairperson | Ruth Clench
Tel: 01208 851809

Vice Chair | Zoe Newland-Hodges
Mob: 07585906542

Area of responsibility: Deputy Planning & footpaths, local organisation & village hall liaison.
Vice Chair | Michael Straugheir
Tel: 01208 852054

Areas of responsibility: Roads and general village maintenance management including bus shelters & noticeboards. Liaison with the church & PCC for the proposed cemetery. Archives.
Councillor | Graham Murrell
Tel: 01208850335

Area of responsibility: Playing field, Local Organisations, Risk Assessment.
Councillor | John Lane
Tel: 01208 623520

Areas of responsibility: Deputy Insurance, risk assessment & playing field.
Councillor | Tyrell Sandry
Tel: 01208 850010

Areas of responsibility: Deputy planning & community shop liaison
Councillor | Rachel Wright
Tel: 01208 850074

Councillor | Paul Tucker
Tel: 01208 851119

Areas of Responsibility: 'The Magazine' updates, village trees.
Councillor | Helen Mardon
Tel: 01208 851541

Areas of Responsibilty: Litter,
Councillor | Robert Wood
Mob: 07709448183

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