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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday January 24th 2012 at 7.30pm in Wanborough Village Hall.

Those present: Councillors Jean Pereira, James Henry, Matthew Harrison, Peter Court, Nick McEvett, PCSO Peter Golding.

Apologies for absence: Tony Rooth, Simon Gimson,

1. Minutes of the last meeting on November 29th 2011 were approved and signed as a true record.

2. Matters arising.

Wanborough hamlet is planning an event on Saturday June 2nd to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Peter Court and Jean Pereira will find out more and report back on the likely format.

The resurfacing of the Hogs Back has been finished, to general satisfaction, particularly with regards to the resultant noise reduction. However there was some concern about leftover waste on the verges, the condition of the road surface on the slip road off the north bound towards Wanborough and Puttenham.  Becca Henry will contact Simon Gimson to raise a query.

The response to the proposed local government boundary consultation has been submitted as discussed at the previous meeting. [The final recommendations have since been published on].

An email has been sent to Bill Biddell regarding the fly tipping in Westwood Lane and its removal.

It was decided not to send a response to the bus route consultation, as it did not seem to affect anyone from the Parish.

3. Update from Tony Rooth and Simon Gimson. 

Neither was able to attend. The Parish councillors agreed that a change of meeting dates from mostly Tuesdays to mostly Wednesdays would be acceptable if it proved more convenient for Tony Rooth. Becca Henry will investigate the possibility with Tony Rooth, Simon Gimson and the village hall diary.

In the absence of Tony Rooth, Peter Court was keen to point out that GBC are among a small number of Councils that are proposing to raise the Council Tax level by 3%, despite turning down a central government loan. Peter will draft a letter on behalf of WPC questioning this decision.

4. Update from Police.

PCSO Peter Golding reported that PC Stephanie McMurtry had replaced Mike Patey as the area’s police presence; she will be attending the next meeting. There had been a few incidents to report, including alleged cannabis cultivation, cable theft (resulting in disruption to telephones) and a spate of shed break-ins in the Sands. Peter was keen to stress the need for any suspicious incidents to be reported using the non-emergency number 101, although if crimes were actually taking place at the time reported then the 999 number should still be used.

5. Planning Applications Update 

- ENF55199E The mobile home that had been reported to the Enforcement Dept was no longer there.
- 11/P/02252 Homestead Farmhouse, West Flexford Lane. GBC has been informed that WPC had no objection to the application.
- 11/P/01670 Yankari,Hazel Road, Ash. Permission refused, as too large, and outside the residential curtilage.
- 10/P/01145 land adjacent to Wancom (amended). Following a planning inspector’s appeal hearing, a temporary four year planning permission had been granted.  Members of WPC expressed frustration that yet another retrospective planning application had been approved, after appeal, albeit temporarily.
-  Flexford Chase. Following the refusal of the latest planning application, Matthew Harrison has sought advice from planning consultants who are now in contact with GBC to find out the likely timetable of any enforcement action. Becca Henry has also sought to find out such information, but has yet to receive a reply.  She will chase the Enforcement team on behalf of WPC.

6. Road safety and Maintenance.

The footpath along Puttenham Heath Road has been thoroughly cleaned and cleared by GBC. The white lining in the hamlet is still outstanding, and will be chased again by Becca Henry.

Beverley Underhill was keen to raise the issue of the deterioration in the state of the surface of East Flexford Lane in respect of its use as a public footpath. Despite a previous arrangement with a local landowner to rectify the problem, nothing has been done, and although it may be fine for cyclists and vehicles, it was felt that it has become hazardous for pedestrians. Becca Henry will contact James Browne who is the Rights of Way officer at SCC with the details.

The subject was also raised of the unfinished state of recent workings at the junction of the A31 and East Flexford Lane. Missing granite setts have been reported, as well as quite a lot building debris beside the road, creating a possible hazard. It was suggested that WPC should write to SCC reminding them to complete any final ‘snagging’ issues, of an otherwise excellent and much appreciated job, which Becca Henry will do.

7. Finances and cheques.

The following cheques were signed and authorised:
   000254  GBC (election costs)     £75.00
   000255  Mrs RF Henry (salary to 31/12/11) £580.00

The newer members of the parish council were asked to return the verified cheque mandate amendment forms to the clerk in order to arrange the necessary changes to the account.

8.   Register of Electors.

The Councillors were reminded to contact GBC directly if they required a copy of the Register.

Any Other Business

It was agreed that the Parish Council would obtain and plant an oak sapling in celebration of the Jubilee. [Joanne Court has subsequently actioned this]. Members were asked to consider possible sites for such a tree. Becca Henry will find out the ownership of the hamlet’s verges.

Nick McEvett is expecting to receive flyers about the superfast broadband project for the area, which he will then distribute to houses in the Parish. It appears that SCC are hoping to be able to work with private contractors to fill in the gaps left in BT’s coverage by 2015.

It was decided not to apply to the Capital Projects fund mentioned by Simon Gimson at the last meeting.

Matthew Harrison was asked to review the latest information pack concerning the Surrey Mineral framework.

Beverley Underwood sought permission for Vic to mend the Jubilee Bench by the Great Barn; an offer which was gratefully accepted by the council.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th March 2012 in Wanborough Village Hall, after the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm.

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