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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday March 20th 2012 at 7.30pm in the Wanborough Village Hall.

Those present: Chairman James Henry, Jean Pereira, Matthew Harrison, Nick McEvett, Peter Court, Simon Gimson.

Apologies: Tony Rooth, Margaret Saunders (History Society), Melanie Pratt (Garden Club).

The meeting was opened by the Chairman welcoming the members of the public and thanking them for attending.

1. *Parish Council Report by the chairman James Henry. 

2. *Report from Police by PC Stephanie McMurtry. 

3. *Report from the Barns Committee by Joy Bateman. 

4. *Wanborough Village Hall Report by Joyce Jones.

5. *Friends of Wanborough Church Report by Ivan Fagent, read on his behalf by Becca Henry. 

6. *History Society Report by Margaret Saunders read on her behalf by James Henry.

[*A paper copy of the report is availble to view in the WPC minute book] 

James Henry thanked everybody for their contributions.


There followed an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council.

Apologies: Tony Rooth

1. The Minutes of the last meeting (January24th 2012) were agreed and signed as a true record with the exception of it being SCC not GBC who were proposing to raise the Council Tax by 3%. The amendment was made and initialled by JH.

2. Matters arising.

The tipped rubbish on the bend of Westwood Lane remains, despite reports that GBC has notified Richard Thornton, the land owner. It was suggested that Becca Henry should email both GBC and Bill Biddell (Hampton) in an effort to remind them. The Jubilee celebrations will be dealt with below.

3. SCC update from Simon Gimson.

The need for superfast broadband in the area has been recognised as being of great importance, with its projected ‘roll out’ expected after the summer. It was noted that Nick McEvett had delivered flyers about the campaign throughout the Parish.

Simon was pleased to report that the Watts Gallery (Compton) had made it on to the Art Prize shortlist, with a possible prize of £100,000. As a result of the fantastic new restoration the Gallery is suitably equipped to bring national art collections into the County, bringing people and business to the area.

The constituency boundaries commission has yet to report as the deadline for comments is April 1st, but judging by the draft published results it is likely that Pilgrim’s ward will go to Woking. The details can be found at:

Simon Gimson noted the general level of unhappiness regarding planning in the Borough and confirmed that Tony Rooth was also fully aware of the issue.

It was confirmed that there are plans to resurface the other carriageway of the A31, probably in the next financial year. Beverley Underhill stated that the debris from the earlier resurfacing was still there, despite earlier assurances, and also mentioned the missing setts at the junction of A31 and East Flexford Road. Simon Gimson will look into it the next day.

James Henry thanked Simon for his feedback.

4. Police report. Please see above.

5. Planning Issues.

a. 11/P/01127 The Stables, Flexford Chase. This has gone to appeal (APP/Y3615/A/12/2170949/NWF), the grounds of which can be viewed on the GBC planning site. When asked by Matthew Harrison about the delay in the enforcement of the original refusal of permission GBC relied that a letter had been sent, but no reply had been received.
b. 11/P/02252 Homestead Farmhouse. Approved by GBC.
c.  12/P/00346 Lavender Cott. Puttenham Heath Rd. Awaiting comment from councillors.
d. 12/P/00352 Land adjacent to Berthorpe. Awaiting comment.
e. 12/P/ Puttenham Golf Club. Comment has been sent in to GBC, awaiting result.

6.  Road safety and maintenance.

Jean Pereira noted that there has been no white lining done in the hamlet (despite repeated requests) or replacement of the Wanborough sign coming down Wanborough Hill. Becca Henry will send emails to chase, again. There is also concern about the state of the road surface on the slip road off the Wanborough side of the Hogs Back.

7.  Finances and cheques.

The following cheques were authorised and signed:
000256  SCAPTC (sub for LCR)  £15.50
000257  Mrs RF Henry (Sal to 31/3/12) £580.00
000258  Wanborough Village Hall  £129.00
000259  Puttenham and Wanb. Comm. Gp. £200.00
NB. This last donation is made under s.137 of the Local Govt. Act 1972
It was also noted that the sum of £663 had been received from HMRC as a VAT refund.

8. Consultations

A. Surrey Flood Risk Management Strategy Survey. This will be filled in and returned by James Henry
B. South East Water Drought Plan. The details will be kept on file for reference.

Any Other Business

The ‘Transport for Communities’ survey has been completed by Becca Henry with the assistance of Jean Pereira, and will be submitted to GBC.

The Wanborough Jubilee Committee has approached the parish council seeking a contribution towards the cost of the parish party planned for the Great Barn on Saturday 2nd June, in order to help keep ticket prices down. The request was discussed at length. Before agreeing to a contribution of £600, members of WPC asked for reassurance on the following points:
a) that every household in the parish would be invited to attend;
b) that the event would be “family friendly” and children inclusive; ideally starting with some entertainment (from say 6.30pm) for younger kids;
c) that, as far as possible, ticket prices should be affordable for all, in particular for families with children and older local residents;
d) that suitable parking arrangements were being considered for people coming from the more distant corners of the parish.
It was noted that the Barns Committee had already approved a similar contribution. James Henry said that, subject to confirmation of the inclusiveness and affordability issues discussed, he felt this was a rare and welcome event that should help bring the local parish community closer together and, as such, deserved the support of WPC. On behalf of WPC, James Henry agreed to approach the Jubilee committee regarding the points raised.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd May (the Parish Council’s Annual Meeting) at 7.30pm in Wanborough Village Hall.

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