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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Wednesday May 23rd 2012 at 7.30pm in the Wanborough Village Hall.

Those present: Chairman James Henry, Matthew Harrison, Peter Court, PCSO Peter Golding, Surrey County Councillor Simon Gimson.

Members of the Public: Jackie and Ivan Fagent, Eric Barker.

Apologies: Tony Rooth, Nick McEvett, PC Stephanie McMurtry, Jean Pereira.

1. James Henry was proposed as chairman by Matthew Harrison, and seconded by Peter Court, and Matthew Harrison was proposed as vice-chairman by James Henry, and seconded by Peter Court. Both nominations were passed unanimously.

2. Minutes of the last meeting (March 20th 2012)) were approved as a true record, and were signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters Arising.

James Henry was pleased to report that the fly-tipped debris on Westwood Lane had been cleared away. In his absence Nick McEvett had asked for the fly-tipping on West Flexford Lane to be discussed at the meeting. PCSO Peter Golding confirmed that the Police were aware of the problem and that appropriate steps were being taken. Where possible the Police seek assistance particularly in relation to vehicle registration numbers. GBC will assist in clearing up such rubbish, but not on privately owned land.

4. Adoption of Standing Orders.

It was unanimously agreed to adopt the Standing Orders from last year, and the Code of Conduct for Councillors as circulated by GBC. GBC has requested that they be sent a copy of the Code of Conduct, which the Clerk will do.

5. Parish Representation on GBC and SCC.

Tony Rooth is the area’s Borough Councillor, and is in fact the Leader of the Council, and Simon Gimson remains the Shalford representative on Surrey County Council.

6.  Review of Asset Register.

As a result of accounting procedures brought last year the value of fixed assets remains at £10,885.00, there being no new acquisitions during the year.

7.  The Insurance Policy was approved, subject to a review by Peter Court. (Subsequently deemed to be satisfactory).

8. The Complaints Procedure of the Parish Council was reviewed and unanimously approved.

9. Parish Council Meeting dates have been fixed as the following: Wednesday July 4th, Tuesday September 18th, Wednesday December 5th, and Wednesday January 23rd 2013,Wednesday March 20th 2013 and Wednesday May 23rd 2013.

There followed an ordinary Parish Council Meeting.

1. Update from Surrey County Council.

Simon Gimson is aware of the unsatisfactory situation regarding the faulty/missing signs in the hamlet, noting that the situation was not helped by the staff shortfall in the Highways department at SCC.

Although the final announcement regarding the parliamentary boundary changes has yet to be made, Simon Gimson noted that the response level had been very high from the Pilgrims Ward, and that he was hopeful of a positive outcome.

The debris clearance and snagging relating to the A31 re-surfacing has been done, although Matthew Harrison felt that it had been carried out to the minimum of standards.

The subject of the A31/A3 junction issue is still on the agenda for discussion at SCC, but Simon stressed that there would be no short term solution on offer.

2. Police report.

PCSO Peter Golding had no crimes to report for the last 2 months, but there had been several reported incidents of fly-tipping (see above). Neighbouring parishes have suffered from several burglaries recently, and the need for securing empty houses was emphasised.

3. Planning Issues:

a) 11/P/01127 Stables,Flexford Chase. Still at appeal
b) 12/P/00427 Monks Hall, Puttenham Heath Road. Certificate of lawfulness granted for a 2-storey front extension. WPC comment not required.
c) 12/P/00352 Land adjacent to Berthorpe, Puttenham Heath Road. Permission refused by GBC, for a 3-bed chalet bungalow to replace existing garage
d) 12/P/00258 Puttenham Golf Club access road. Awaiting GBC decision.
e) Footpath and Tree Officer. Becca Henry will find out about the details of such posts before the next meeting.

4. Road safety and maintenance.

It was felt that the lack of white lining in some parts of the hamlet is now quite dangerous; an issue which had already been brought to the attention of Simon Gimson.
The Normandy village sign remain in Wanborough parish, and Becca Henry will try to speak to their parish clerk about it again.

5. Finances and Cheques.

The following cheques were authorised and signed:
000260 SCAPTC    £101.24
000261 CPRE     £29.00
000262 AON Ltd    £622.12
000263  Ken Baker WDJC    £600.00
     (Jubilee Contribution)
Having obtained reassuring answers to points raised at the last meeting, it was unanimously agreed to contribute £600.00 to the Wanborough Diamond Jubilee Celebration committee (see chq. No. 000263 above).

The Annual Accounts for the year ending 31/03/12 were unanimously approved subject to the audit, and sections 1 and 2 of the Annual Audit Return were also approved unanimously, as required by legislation.

6. Consultations

a) re external auditor: it was agreed that no reply needed as the parish council is content with current arrangements.
b) re ‘love where you live’ campaign: nomination forms were handed out.   
c) re Recreation and Open Spaces survey: starting with Peter Court, the supplied map will be circulated to highlight any disagreements/ omissions before returning the form.
d) Parish and Neighbourhood plans. James Henry stated that he believed this was a very important issue for WPC to consider in the months ahead. It was agreed that co-operation with nearby parishes would be a good idea. Becca Henry will contact Bill Nelson about the possibility of him giving a talk on the subject at the next meeting.

7. Annual risk assessment.

It was agreed to review and discuss this matter at the next meeting.

Any Other Business

Discussions continued regarding the possible location for the planting of the Jubilee oak sapling, as there appears to be some concern in the hamlet. Several possible sites have been identified, and Becca Henry will attempt to get permission from SCC as necessary.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday July 4th 2012 at 7.30pm in Wanborough Village Hall.

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