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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday July 4th 2012 at 7.30pm in Wanborough Village Hall.

Those present: James Henry, Matthew Harrison, Jean Pereira, Peter Court, Simon Gimson, Tony Rooth, PCSO Peter Golding

Apologies for absence: Nick McEvett, PC Stephanie McMurtry

1. Minutes of the last meeting on May 23rd 2012 were agreed unanimously and signed as a true record.

2. Matters arising

- The date for the May meeting next year was corrected to May 22nd 2013, not 23rd.
- GBC has offered to provide guidance on the compilation of a parish/ neighbourhood plan.
- The sapling Jubilee oak will be planted during the autumn, but a reply from Surrey about ownership of the verge has not yet been received.
- Peter Court has reviewed the “recreation and open spaces survey”, but has found most of the spaces highlighted to be inaccurate (e.g. car parks). The map will be circulated to other WPC members for their input.
3. Police update.

PCSO Peter Golding had little to report since the last meeting. The fly-tipping mentioned in May appeared to have ceased.

SCC update.

A new Communities Highways Officer will be appointed imminently and SG will notify the local parishes asking for a list of outstanding concerns. On the subject of the white-lining in the hamlet, SG noted that the new policy was to avoid putting lines down the centre of roads as it can encourage higher speeds. In answer to a query from JH about the parliamentary boundary changes, SG confirmed that no decision had yet been published.

GBC update.

Tony Rooth reported that a recent meeting about sustainable development in the Borough had concluded that there would be more development of Green Belt land in the future, as well as a relaxation of the influence of objections from the Highways dept. on planning applications in general. By 2030, GBC’s target was for 6500 more houses; thus a change in attitude towards new development in the Borough is inevitable, and not just for large scale schemes. On the subject of Neighbourhood Plans, TR confirmed that GBC would take note of such plans; they were seen as a useful way of highlighting the communities needs and Tara Taylor (GBC) was in the process of organising a training session for parish councillors.  TR remains aware of the disquiet about planning enforcement; a new manager has been appointed who is scrutinising the system.

Some councillors expressed disquiet about the plans for a new Park & Ride development at Onslow, suggesting that the congestion on that part of the A3 will get even worse.

As a result of an upgrade to the waste collection vehicles fleet there will be a move towards bins for garden waste, rather than the current bags.

4. Planning issues.

It was decided to try a new system for circulating the details of planning applications. BH will email the reference details to all councillors so they can access the details on-line. A hard copy will continue to be maintained in case of any problems. All comments should be sent back to BH so that a summarised group comment can then be submitted to GBC.

- 12/P/01028 Monksgrove Cottage, Monksgrove, GU3 1DZ. A comment will be sent to GBC to recommend approval
- 12/P/01111 West Flexford House, West Flexford Lane. A comment will be sent to GBC recommending refusal.

5. Finances and cheques.

The accounts for the year to March 31st 2012 have been checked and approved by Marcus Bateman and will be sent to the external auditors. Jean Pereira proposed a vote of thanks to Marcus, which was seconded by Peter Court, and passed unanimously. A letter thanking him will be sent.

Grant Aid applications for the year ending March 2014 must be submitted by July 18th.  It was suggested that the village hall flat roof needs attention, which JP will discuss with the Village Hall Committee. If the relevant work quotes can be organised, PC and JP will take charge of submitting the relevant paperwork by July 18th.

There were no cheques to approve or sign.

6. Ethical Standards.

A GBC meeting scheduled for the day following this meeting was due to approve the final draft of the document, allowing WPC to formerly adopt the new regime at the meeting in September.

7. GBC consultations.

The Plannlng Policy consultation information will be circulated for councillors to comment directly if they wish.

8. Risk assessment.

The risk assessment was approved for another year.

Any Other Business.

The footpath from Wanborough Hill up to the Hogs Back and the Nursing Home has become very overgrown. BH will notify the clerk of Puttenham.

Next meeting:  Tuesday September 18th 2012 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

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