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Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on Tuesday September 18th 2012 at 7.30pm in Wanborough Village Hall.

Those present: Chairman James Henry, Matthew Harrison, Nick McEvett, Simon Gimson, PCSO Peter Golding.

Apologies: Tony Rooth, Jean Pereira, Peter Court, PC Stephanie McMurtry.

1. The minutes of the last meeting on July 4th 2012 were agreed and signed as a true record.

2. Matters arising.

More news about a neighbourhood/parish plan training session for parish councillors was expected at the Borough Liaison Meeting that Becca Henry would be attending at GBC on Friday. The details would then be circulated.
Becca Henry had been in discussion with SCC about permission for the sapling planting, and will keep the members informed. Simon Gimson offered to chase the application on behalf of WPC.
Although the status of a possible grant aid application was unclear due to the absence of Peter Court and Jean Pereira, it will be checked before the next meeting. Simon Gimson informed the meeting that he has at his disposal a sum of money for contributions towards small community projects such as the village hall roof.

3. Police update. 

There were no crimes to report, although there was one incident involving a vulnerable adult. As a result of a large number of shed break-ins in Guildford PCSO Peter Golding recommended increasing shed security locally.

SCC update.

Jason Lewis has been installed as the area’s new highways officer, and Simon Gimson asked to be emailed with a list of the parish’s pressing highways issues. He will also alert a working gang about the need for the grass and verge cutting in the parish, which has not been done as planned.
A narrow strip of land adjacent to the Hogs Back café has been gifted to Puttenham parish council to allow them to erect a temporary fence and a thick planting of shrubs in an effort to discourage the problems that have been experienced by the villagers.
GBC appear to be prioritising the enforcement side of their planning dept. A recent report issued by the department will be circulated by Becca Henry shortly.
Simon Gimson stated that he has some money available for contributing to small local projects, and asked for any such nominations to be sent to him. James Henry will contact both the Barns and Village Hall committees to find out if there are any such projects for Simon to consider.

4. Planning Issues

a) 12/P/01111 West Flexford House, West Flexford Lane. Refused by GBC.
b) 12/P/01028 Monks Grove Cottage, Monks Grove. Approved by GBC.
c) 12/P/ 00961 Former Telephone Exchange. Due to be heard at a planning committee meeting the following week.
d) 12/P/01151 The Stables, Flexford Chase. Comments had been sent to GBC recommending refusal, but no decision had been made.
e) A query had been submitted on behalf of a parishioner to the Enforcement dept at GBC regarding the container that remained in the garden of Little Barn.

5. Traffic and road matters.

According to the Fortnightly Bulletin sent out by GBC, the Southern Gas Networks roadworks will be continuing until 12/11/12. The outstanding white lining, the missing signs and those signs needing repair had already been brought to the attention of Simon Gimson (see above).

6. Finance and cheques.

The following cheques were approved having already been signed:
000260 SCAPTC     £101.24
000261 CPRE     £29.00
000262 AON Ltd    £ 622.12
000263 Ken Baker WDJC   £600.00
The following cheques were approved and signed:
000264 Info Comm Office   £35.00
000265 Surrey County Playing Fields  £10.00
000266 Mrs RF Henry sal to 30/6/12  £580.00
000267 BDO LLP (audit fee)   £60.00

James Henry reported that the Annual Return had been returned by the auditors without comment; a notice to this effect will be put up on the parish notice board.

7. Heritage Weekend.

The weekend had been a great success, with total funds raised of more than £2000 to be split three ways between the barns, the village hall and the church. James Henry thanked all the volunteers for their sterling effort.

8. Code of Conduct.

Some final adjustments to the new Code of Conduct (previously approved by WPC in May) were approved unanimously at the request of GBC, and these will be submitted to GBC as required. A further paragraph to the already approved Standing Orders was circulated and also approved unanimously.

9. Consultations.

a) Street cleansing. Councillors were asked to contact GBC directly if they wished to comment.
b) Town centre planning. Councillors were advised to see

Any Other Business

BT have signed a contract to deliver broadband across Surrey, with contributions to the cost from SCC, BT and from central Government.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday December 5th 2012 in the Village Hall.

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