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Willoughby Village Plan

The plan is in PDF format to download, simply click on the above heading.

Please note that we are constrained  in the file size we are allowed to upload to this site. Therefore we have had to miss out the title picture showing the village sign and the two end pictures showing the church and tapestry of village life.

What is a Village Plan?

A village plan is the community’s vision for its future.  Successive governments have encouraged communities to produce a Plan since the year 2000. A Village Plan does not in itself, provide any extra funding. However, a well-researched Plan with strong support is very valuable for the Parish Council. It can seek funding for projects in the knowledge that they will be welcomed by large sections of the community. Fund providers are also more likely to support councils that can prove strong community support.

How village opinions were sought

Initial meeting

A large number of villagers gathered in the Village Hall in summer 2010 to discuss the possibility of developing a village plan. Examples of other village plans were presented, along with examples of how plans had supported developments in villages in the area. It was decided to form a steering group to guide the process, this group has met on a number of occasions since then and this document represents the next stage of the process.


A questionnaire was distributed to every house in the village. Replies were obtained from almost 50% of households in the village and the results of this were then used to develop themes which were developed further through the open afternoon and focus groups.

Open Afternoon

An open afternoon was held in early March 2011 which was attended by over 100 people from the community. It was a great success and demonstrated the village’s ability to gather round a project even in the most unpleasant of weather. A record of all households attending was kept and this showed coverage from all parts of the village.

Focus groups

Five subgroups were formed


These groups set-up their own stalls at the open afternoon and have met on a number of occasions since then to further refine their part of the plan. There are some common themes across the five sections, the most prominent being the wish to ensure the vitality of the community and its social cohesion.

Members of the Steering Committee

Adrian Bath (Treasurer)
Pam Bath
Rob Bowyer (Secretary)
Nick Doylend
Chris Everard (Publicity Officer)
Bethan Harris
Dave Harris (Chair)
Lewis Hunt
Mike Jones
George Mann (Vice-Chair)
Liz Merriman
Eric Smith

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