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Compiled by Brian T. Thornalley, for the Willoughby web-site.
Main sources:
• the Henry Rowlinson Collection (now housed at Nottinghamshire Archives Office)
• 'The History of Willoughby on the Wolds' by Heather Hamilton (Nottingham Univ. 1970).

Back to the Romans

Early Days

Willoughby Manor - Rise and Fall

The 'Inclosure' of Willoughby on the Wolds

The 19th Century


The Millennium Yew
 On Sunday 17th September 2000, after the Harvest festival Service, a 'Yew for the Millennium' was planted in St. Mary and All Saints Church yard.  This tiny plant was propagated from the Buxted Yew, East Sussex. as were very many others made available to all Parishes in the Country by The Conservation Foundation.  The Buxted yew is estimated to be at least 2000 years old, and can be found about half way between Brighton and Tunbridge Wells.
     The Willoughby Yew was planted, under Revd. Christine Turner's supervision and Blessing, by Brian Thornalley and his grandson Joshua, and was witnessed by the congregation attending the Harvest Festival.  Contrary to modern associations (eg. graveyards), in ancient times the yew tree (taxus baccata) was known as 'the tree of life', mainly for its unfailing ability to regenerate after severe pruning and lopping.  The long, thin, side branches were the source of wood for making the famous English long-bows.  Most parts of the tree are poisonous to humans, though not so to 9 species of mammals, nor to 9 species of birds.
     At a later date, the tree was moved to a site on the west side of the Church, at the request of a close neighbour.

Nottingham Ancient Imperial United Order of Oddfellows.  Jubilee of Fallow Field Lodge at Willoughby on the Wolds, 2nd July 1896

The names, left to right, are as follows: 

Front (on ground) :  G. Cooper, J. Watson, S. Screaton Jnr., J. Screaton (Treasurer), T. Screaton, F. Watson (Steward), S. Harding (Warden).
 Row 2 (seated):  S. Screaton Snr. (Imperial Father), F. Nixon, W. Harding, R. Screaton, S. Bailey, W. Screaton (Assistant Secretary),
H. Finch, A. Goodacre (Vice Grand), W. Marshall (Tyler), J. Hallam Jnr., M. Green, W Goodacre, A. Sleigh, H. Smith.
 Row 3 (standing):  J. Sketchley, T. Sketchley, A. Cross, T. Dalby (Steward), W. Cross (Secretary), J. Harding, J. Tuckwood (half-hidden), J. Hallam, J. Cross, T. Hornbuckle, J. Lane, T. Marriott, H. Wadkin.
 Back row:  J. Marriott Jnr., G. Andrews, C. Sherwin, A. Marriott, R. Hickling, A. Tinkler, T. Hallam (in cart), T. Robinson, J. Hallam,
A. Matthews, F. Hallam, W. Skinner, J. Marriott Snr.

  Note: The horse is not named !


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