Outside Committee

Each year, Councillors are elected to represent the Parish Council on outside Bodies, Councils or Organisations in order to keep apprised on the workings of those Bodies, Councils or Organisations.

Below is a list of those outside Bodies and the Councillors chosen (these may change on a yearly basis).

Outside Bodies and Committees

National Parks - Southern Forum Cllr Heather Phillips
Yorkshire Local Councils Association Cllr Heather Phillips, Cllr Joy Woolley & Cllr David Tomlinson
Community and Police Group Cllr Phillips
Friends of Ayton Castle Cllr Joy Woolley/Cllr Herring
Playing Field Association Cllr David Tomlinson
Village Hall Committee Cllr Norma Harrison/Cllr Herring
Patient Participation Group Cllr Robert Peacock

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