Please click on the links below to read the information on attending meetings, access copies of our draft minutes (when the link is activated) and more...

Filming of Meetings

The Openness of Local Government Regulations 2014 means that there is now a Right to record, film and to broadcast meetings of the Council and Parish meetings, its commitees, sub-committees and any joint committees; this is in addition to the Rights of the Press and Public to attend such meetings - click here - for the full document

Declarations of Interest

With the introduction of the Localism Bill 2011, there have been changes to the Declarations of Interest options that Councillors must announce before the relevant item of the Agenda - follow this link to see an explanation.

Attending Meetings - can I join in?

Attending Parish Council meetings can be confusing - here is a document that explains how residents can take part in the meeting.


Minutes are posted onto the website once the Parish Council have ratified them and they can be found on the corresponding yearly pages (drop-down menu).

Every Parish Council meeting, North Yorkshire Police send a full report of crime incidents for the previous month. An Officer attends the meeting (depending on duties) to discuss local crime trends, crime reduction initiatives or Road Operations; there is also the opportunity to ask questions of the Police on matters raised. Copies of their reports can be found above (amalgamated with other reports above). 

The non-emergency number to call for North Yorkshire Police is 101 (calls will be charged at 15p regardless of the length of call).

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