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My number one reason for standing for the parish council was to see if there were any steps that could be taken at parish council level to encourage people in Kenninghall to reduce their carbon footprint. Having been a member of the Green Party since before it became known as such, and having spent the last 50 years watching the environment being gradually more and more degraded, I assumed there might by now be a general agreement that something has to be done and soon. Regrettably that turned out not to be the case, and while I have not given up altogether, there has so far been no appetite for any action and no agreement that there is indeed a problem that requires attention.

The second reason was to do whatever I could to stop this village from sliding further down the road to becoming a centre for the mass-production of low-grade meat. To that end I will continue to keep a beady eye out for any planning applications for additional meat factories for as long as I remain on the council.

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