Current Councillors

This is a list of your current parish councillors and any specific roles they may have. In general, the councillors do not have specific roles as the work is usually shared aout among them equally where possible. All of your parish councillors provide their time voluntarily, which has to fit around their general day jobs and any other commitments they may have.

Name Specific Position or Roles Contact Number
Paul Wilson Chairman. 01869 245514
Anne Davies Parish Clerk. 01865 379645
Martin Byrne Martin works across a broad range of areas within the PC and tends to deal with much of the maintenance and electrical work in the village hall. 01869 246532
Lee Savidge Website and Twitter. Facebook admin. Police and crime liaison. Highways and Footpaths. Vice Chairman. 01869 246565
Linda Hooper Linda is helping with general projects within the parish council  
Russell Todd Russell's roles will include looking into improving our sports facilities within the village.  
Paul Hooper Paul is helping with general projects within the parish council as well as handling general maintenance tasks in and around the village hall  


















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