05 September 2018
Village Art Project

The village has been given a grant for an art project. We have decided that we would like to make the art installation functional rather than something to look at. We have decided that we would like a new bench in the village at the top of the playing field. An artist, Will Glanfield, has been commissioned to make it but he would like you ideas so he can incorporate them into the design. There will be a design workshop on Saturday the 15th September 2018 at 2.30pm in the hall. We would love to have people of all age groups bring along one or more design. The idea is that Will can take them away with him and take aspects of some or all of the designs and incorporate them into the finished bench. This is a way for you to have your work immortalised into the village for all to see. There will be free tea, coffee and cakes.

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