30 November 2021New board of trustees and officers to lead Village Hall and secure its future

A new board of trustees took over the running of the village hall, with plans to revive the building as a thriving hub for community activity. A programme of upcoming events has already been put together and publicised throughout the village.

Led by Fiona Gunn-Stokes and Katy Stuart, the trustees hope to see the hall back in use aa a regular venue for a range of social activities. 

The Village Hall AGM attracted a large audience who supported the plans wholeheartedly and the new board was congratulated on its initiave. 


12 November 2021AGM vital for Village Hall future: Tuesday 16th November 7.30.

The AGM of the Village Hall, open to all Cold Ashby residents, is vital to the hall's future as a village amenity. Potential new committee members have put their names forward and, if they are elected, hope to start an exciting new phase in the hall's history as a social and entertainment centre for the village.

You can hear about the plans and lend your support to the new volunteers, and perhaps become one yourself, at the AGM next TUESDAY 16TH NOVEMBER, at 7.30. You can guess the venue!

17 October 2021Meeting with the MP and others about traffic in Cold Ashby - minutes


Traffic Flows in and around Cold Ashby


A meeting took place between interested parties and the MP for Daventry, Chris Heaton-Harris, on Friday the 8th October at 3 p.m. in the Sports Pavilion, Stanford Road,

Cold Ashby, NN6 6EP



In Attendance

Chris Heaton-Harris MP

Rod Bailey Cold Ashby PC

James Docherty WNC Highways

Nick Henstock WNC Highways

Sally Duggleby Prologis

Kevin Parker WNC

Rachel Williams Cold Ashby PC

Richard Williams Cold Ashby PC

Alex Taylor Cold Ashby PC

Jonathan Harris WNC

Cecile Irving Swift WNC

Vanessa Furey National Highways

Simon Came National Highways

Andrew Jinks National Highways

Ruth Sleigh Cold Ashby PC

Neil Harpham Cold Ashby PC

Graham Jones Cold Ashby PC

Alan Peel Cold Ashby PC

Steve Roper Cold Ashby

Sarah Peck Office of Chris Heaton-Harris MP




Richard Williams gave a power point presentation to explain and identify the current traffic problems in Cold Ashby, and their causes. He described the huge increase in traffic and the impact this is having on the village. He set out the action that has been taken by the PC and others, in recent years, and explained that the residents wish for the following:


An acknowledgement that there is an enormous problem with traffic in Cold Ashby

An agreement to carry out a traffic census/survey to determine where the traffic is going to and coming from.

An agreement to fund immediate short term traffic calming measures

A long term solution


Andrew Jinks said they need to fully understand the origins and destination of the traffic. Highways cannot influence drivers and cannot influence satnav technology. Highways are keen to look at the current road signage (in particular on the A14) to see what improvements can be made to that, and to encourage drivers to avoid the village. Regarding Catthorpe interchange, the layout built was considered to be the best design at the time, taking into account cost, environment, compulsory purchase issues etc. National Highways are also keen to assist in carrying out a traffic survey.


Nick Henstock said WNC would assist with a traffic survey and would work together with Highways on this. Based on the results of this survey, the best solutions can then be discussed. There were discussions about a possible local bypass. This would have to be ranked alongside other bypass requests and it must be noted that the time frame for this could be 10 years. It should also be noted that lower classification roads attract less funding than the more major routes. It was commented that the irony of this was noted and therefore what happened next would depend on any proposed solutions.


Sally Duggleby said they do ask their customers not to drive through Cold Ashby and if residents wish, they can contact Prologis to inform them of vehicles driving through the village and any particular incidents. Prologis did their own 24-hour survey of traffic recently, to help them to understand the problem. She said that from this survey, they identified that the majority of the large vehicles that are coming through Cold Ashby, do not end up at DIRFT but are going elsewhere.


Cecile Irving Swift said as a result of poor road design, Cold Ashby is now facing this huge problem with traffic, much greater than any other village in her responsibility area. She also suggested that the number of accidents should be recorded.


Jonathan Harris discussed the impact the service access at the service station has on this. He mentioned the police survey and suggested a pollution survey should also be done. The residents mentioned the very serious health implications of the increased pollution from the traffic in the village. Vanessa Furey has a link from Highways which she can send on to people. Residents can also comment via the Highways England website.



Action Points


National Highways will look at A14 signage, to see how this can be improved.


Prologis are very keen to help going forward.


WNC and National Highways will work together in the short term to carry out a traffic survey, including an emissions survey.


A follow up meeting will be held early in the New Year.






09 October 2021What Matters to You survey? - Traffic tops the poll following 95% return rate.

The traffic survey (97 delivered, 93 returned) showed that over 90% of the village rated 'traffic' as the number 1 problem and wanted the PC to do something about it. We reported the problem, and the survey result, to the local MP, National Highways, Prologis (DIRFT), and West Northants Council at a meeting last Friday. At long last, everyone present agreed there was a problem (following a brilliant presentation by Councillor Williams using evidence from the 'bypasscoldashbynow.com' website).

To identify exactly what the root of the problem is, and therefore what the best solution might be, all parties agreed to collaborate on a full traffic survey of the area and to meet again in the new year to look at results and possible solutions.

Don't get too excited, but it is a start and we should not forget to thank Chris Heaton-Harris MP for bringing all these important people (and they were all high-rankers) round a table to look at lowly Cold Ashby.

23 September 2021Survey of Village views - What Really Matters to You?

As the Parish Council goes into a series of meetings with politicians and other people of influence it wishes to make sure that it represents village views and opinions as accurately as possible. To help it do so, a survey will shortly be delivered through your letterbox and collected a few days later.

You can also find it in the library, on this site, under this link: village survey 2021. Look for it under 'documents', open it, complete it, save it on your computer and email it to clerk@coldashbypc.com on or before 1st October 2021.

Thanks for your help.

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