Councillors and ROIs

Here is the list of our Parish Councillors and the contact details for our Parish Clerk; you can also view each Councillor's Register of Interest by clicking the relevant link below.


Name Position Contact Details Address Email
Dawn Naylor Clerk 01944 711139 26 Ings Close, Staxton, YO12 4ST


Name Position Contact details Address Register of Interest
Cllr  Parnell Chairman 867954 Alice Cottage Ayton Road click here
Cllr Morrell Vice-Chairman 862085  36 Main Street, Irton click here
Cllr Elbourne Councillor    25 School House Drive, Seamer click here
Cllr Minghella Councillor 07725679904  10  Ayton Road,  Seamer click here
Cllr Nunn Councillor    47 Main Stree, Irton click here
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