Welcome to Stanton-under-Bardon 

Stanton-under-Bardon is a small rural village pleasantly situated
amongst farmland but only a mile from junction 22 of the M1 in north Leicestershire; it is part of the borough of Hinckley and Bosworth. 

Stanton has a population of around 1,000 people and was recently expanded by two new developments of domestic property. The village possesses a newsagents/general store, two churches, public house and a primary school which is highly regarded in the area. 

The name ‘Stanton’ originates from the Latin ‘stan’ meaning stone 
and ‘tun’ meaning village. The name reflects the fact that, for the 
last two centuries at least, quarries have existed in the area and 
have provided a welcome source of employment. Today, two major 
companies still quarry extensively in close proximity to the village. A number of references to the village as 'Staunton-under-Bardon' are made in historical texts.

Stanton is featured in the Domesday Book at which point it had 
eighteen households, ten of which qualified to pay taxes. 
The households consisted of 13 homes for villagers and five
smallholdings. The nearest church, for many centuries, was at 
Thornton, one and a half miles away, but records show that there 
was a Chapel in the village. It would seem that the chapel was a
‘sub-branch’ of Thornton church and records of both marriages 
and burials, which took place at Stanton Chapel, still exist. 
The last burial appears to have been that of Grace Dunisthorpe in 
1685. In 1908, Stanton built its own Anglican church out of local 
granite. The little church is a feature of the village and can seat 120 people.

The Parish Council Offices are situated in the new village hall which was completed in 2015 as part of a development of property in the centre of the village. Further details about the workings and activities of the Parish Council can be found on the pages of this website. The website is of particular interest and relevance to people who live in the parish and surrounding area.

Come in and take a look! 

2 St John Cole Crescent, Stanton under Bardon, Markfield, Leicestershire LE67 9AE

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