The Parish Council is a statutory consultee when a Planning Application is submitted.  A decision whether to support or object an application will be made at the next Full Council Meeting after an application is received unless the application is for a major development in which case, a separate meeting may be held.

The Parish Council's protocol when receiving an application is as follows:

Clerk receives copy of the planning application from planning officer.

Planning application logged onto planning database

Clerk allocates member to investigate application

Member plus 1 other undertakes a site visit

Advise applicant at which meeting their application is to be discussed so that they can attend if they wish

Member reports back at Full Council Meeting when application is discussed.

Decision of support/objection made incl:

Is the application worth taking to the Full Planning Committee, if necessary?

Can a compromise be reached?

Clerk sends decision notice to Planning Officer

If necessary, Planning Officer contacts Clerk for feedback or to commence 5-day protocol

Clerk contacts member allocated to the application to discuss

(member & 1 other to attend further site visit, if required)

If 5-day protocol, Clerk to circulate Planning Officer’s report & advice from allocated member so that a decision can be made on whether to take application to Committee

Clerk to report back to Planning Officer with feedback and advising whether the application should go to full planning committee

Member allocated to application to attend full planning committee hearing

(Chairman to go if member unable to attend)


Applications will be allocated to members based on location (however, if there are several applications for a specific area in the parish, applications will be divided equally)

For major applications, the whole Parish Council will be asked to attend a site visit

Councillors with a personal and prejudicial interest in a particular application will not be allocated that application

Delegated responsibility to be given to member over negotiations, if necessary

Mileage of 40p/mile to be paid to members carrying out site visits or attending planning committee meetings


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The Parish Council has two vacancies for Parish Councillors. Please contact the Clerk if you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.

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