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Elizabeth March of Fulbourn died on 28 March 1722. During her lifetime she conveyed a house and farm at Oakington for the foundation of schools in the parishes of Fulbourn, Haddenham, Fen Ditton, Brinkley and Histon. The original deeds have been lost but mention of the gift is made in her will of 26 March 1722, and approximately £70 per annum was to be equally divided between the 5 schools.

 Subsequently the fund was divided up and 5 trust funds, with their own trustees established, (one for each parish). The current trustees of the Foundation of Elizabeth March are Judith Haste, Mrs Briony Gimson, Belinda Hull and Anne Lawford.

 There no longer being a school in Brinkley the charity gives money annually for a book prize at Burrough Green School, to be awarded to a Brinkley child. The charity has been making annual donations to the Guides and Brownies, but expects to be informed as to what the money has been spent on.

 In addition the trustees have the funds to provide approximately £200 per year to help an individual achieve something special. Their project should have an educational benefit, or assist them to gain skills, to help them to get a job. They must be aged 18 or under on 31 December of that particular year, and live in the parish of Brinkley to qualify. They will need to set out how they intend to use the funds and will have to provide evidence to the Trustees afterwards, that the funds were used for that purpose. Any applicant for a grant should apply in writing to

Anne Lawford
Cricketfield Cottage
High Street

by the end of April stating how much sponsorship they would need and what they would spend it on. The Trustees will consider the applications they receive and let the successful applicant know by the end of July of any particular year.

 There is a tablet in the Church, which was put up in 1722, in memory of Elizabeth March, by Roger Pepys of Impington, one of her executors.

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