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The volunteer committee of the Patients Participation Group (PPG) is supporting the Surgery and its Patients, therefore you will not be surprised to learn that the last few months has been extremely difficult. 

First and foremost those who are able to access the Woodlands website please do so as often as you are able as this is being used as the main conduit for advising Patients of changes as they occur.

Website address: www.woodlandsmedicalcentre.com

The PPG members meetings have been unable to be scheduled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   The moment that they can be resumed all members will be notified. 

Practice staff at all levels have been working extremely hard since mid-March.  Bank Holidays were cancelled, and all staff worked those holiday periods and gave up their annual leave to make sure that appropriate staff were available.   They were also having to deal with the tsunami of directives from NHS England which bombarded all Medical Practices during lockdown.  Many of the usual systems which are operated by all Medical Centres, including Woodlands, have had to make on-going changes based on Government advice.  Not a single member of Woodlands staff is working from home but whilst they are tired they remain resilient to the current ever changing situations. 


Changes had already been made alongside the lockdown period but the pressure on appointments because of demand and PPE requirements means the system needs to be altered for patient benefit.   The pressure remains high. As lockdown eased the demand has increased.  The following system will be active from the 5th October:

The current arrangement for patients phoning with an immediate need remain. Patients will be called back by the Duty Doctor and assessment of the issue will be dealt with in the most appropriate way for the current climate: phone/face to face/telephone consult/text messaging as decided by the clinician.

Frustration by some patients evolves around the difficulty of arranging an appointment to see their GP swiftly.  The NEW arrangement will be that the patient who is calling in the morning/afternoon will receive a call back from their GP if available on that half day. Otherwise the patient has the option of speaking to the duty doctor that half day for urgent medical problems or waiting until the next half day their own doctor is available. Patients should therefore check the Woodlands website and obtain notification of Doctor’s shift pattern and attendance.  Patients will need to understand that doctors also have holiday and may not always be in the building when expected.

Please again refer to the Woodlands Website: www.woodlandsmedicalcentre.com


The swiftest way of obtaining repeat prescriptions is via the NHS app or the website.


The Practice is well advanced in developing a 2020 Programme.  Vaccination supplies are due during the latter part of September with a vaccination programme being prepared starting at the end of September.  The practice will have inside, outside and Blewbury flu clinic. As a result of Covid-19 the practice will notify patients by text, email, or posted correspondence, inviting them to an appointment.   Each vaccination will take longer now as a result of infection control measures in the Covid pandemic  Appointments will be between two and four minute intervals (hopefully).  Details will be on the Woodlands website shortly but are subject to change at short notice depending on as soon as possible.

The PPG Committee has also been working hard to assist at this anxious time.

We are all volunteers.

If anyone who is a Patient at Woodlands would like to volunteer and become part of the Committee helping the Patients, Doctors and Staff at this Surgery please email the Secretary at:






The latest Chronicle can be found in the Library under Chronicle.


Chilton Parish Council

Covid -19 guidance for using the play areas and gym equipment.


 Please DO NOT use any of the equipment that is taped off

 No food or drink to be consumed in the areas

 Follow social distancing guidelines and stay 2 metres apart at all times

Only1 family member may accompany a child

 Wash your hands before coming to the play area and wash hands when you return home.

 Bring hand sanitiser with you and use it on the children’s hands

 Do not touch your nose or mouth and do not cough or sneeze near people

 If the play area /gym equipment is busy limit your time or come back another time.

 The Parish Council wishes to remind users that use of all of equipment is done at their own risk.








The unaudited accounts for 2019/20 can be found under Library, Finance, Annual audit 1,2,3.


Here you will find details of Parish Council meetings including agendas and official minutes.

What do Parish Councillors do?

Parish Councillors have a dual role:-
•They represent the views and concerns of the residents of the Parish to the Parish Council itself and, through it, to the District and County

•They report back to residents on issues affecting the Parish

Reports from our County and District Councillors can be found under Library/ County-District-Reports.


Chilton Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Development Plan forms part of the formal planning process. Once in place it provides for the community to have more say in the future development of their locality. It also facilitates more money from local developments to be directed to those priorities and projects as defined by resident. Without a Neighbourhood Plan none of these advantages for the community will materialise.

The Chilton Neighbourhood Plan steering group is making good progress in agreeing a vision and objectives for the plan and getting a boundary for the plan agreed with VWHDC.

Further information relating to the Plan and the steering group meetings is available in the Library section.

The Annual Return for 2018-19  can  be found in the Library section under Finance.


A map of the new Harwell Campus bus route can be found in Library under Bus timetable.


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