The Members page allows you to create a list of people, each with contact details and a mugshot. You might use this to list the members of your committee, or give details of your staff if you have a business.

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Chairman | Mr Richard Simmance
Tel: 01830 520417
Address: Coalsfield Elsdon Northumberland NE19 1AF

Vice Chair | Mr Glen Graham
Mob: 07890 422883
Address: Todcroft Elsdon Northumberland NE19 1AA

Councillor | Mr Keith Maddison
Tel: 01830 520538
Address: Hillview Elsdon Northumberland NE19 1AA

Councillor | Mr David Renton
Address: Braeside, Elsdon, NE19 1AA

Councillor | Mr Peter Morgan
Tel: 01830 520973
Address: Pinfold Lodge Crawford Crescent Elsdon NE19 1AD

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