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Welcome to the website of Hepple Parish


The pupose of this site is to improve communications between the council and all those who live within the parish boundary.

Hepple Parish Council serves the village of Hepple as well as the settlements of Flotterton, Bickerton and Swindon. It also includes some farms and some MoD land.  It currently has a total of 127 voters.

The councillors are elected in accordance with Local Government regulations and the frequency of elections is also determined by reference to those regulations. 

Parish Councillors

Chair: Chris France  01669 640264  christopherlfrance@gmail.com

Vice Chair: Jack Hasson    01669 640368  jhasson@waitrose.com

Chrissie Buckley  01669 640238  chrissie.buckley@btinternet.com

Stewart Whitfield    01669 640272  stewart.whitfield@btinternet.com

Chris Wilson   01669 640012        chris.wilson601@btinternet.com

Clerk Carole Bell 01669 640282 hepplepc@gmail.com



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