14 May 2018Bailiffgate Museum - “The Out of Town Museum”

At a recent meeting of Hepple Parish Council, Jane Mann & Harry

Henderson, volunteers from the Bailiffgate Museum, Alnwick attended the

meeting to talk about and gain support for their project, “The Out of Town


Councillors heard that the Bailiffgate Museum is working on the

production of the Out Of Town Museum (OOT), a touring exhibition

dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of the communities of Upper

Coquetdale and the Cheviot fringe. Amongst other things it will feature

the routes people travelled, the work they did and the lives they led -

preserving ways of life that may have, or will soon disappear for ever.

Much of the content of the OOT Museum will come from the people of the


Hepple Parish Councillors were unanimous in supporting

this project, and suggested several local people who would be able to

contribute substantially from their individual experiences to the project.

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