26 November 2015
Tax Aid

TaxAid is a unique charity that provides free, independent, tax advice to vulnerable individuals and those on low incomes who cannot afford professional advice.  Over the last few years, TaxAid has helped many such individuals in your Parish resolve their tax crises, either via our telephone helpline, email advice service or a face to face meeting.

The need for our service is growing due to the increasing number of self-employed and the complexity of the tax system and we anticipate that many more of your Parishioners will be calling us over the coming 12 months.   Please therefore feel free to circulate our public helpline number 0345 120 3779 (eg by including it in your Parish magazine) to ensure that anyone in your community who might need us knows where to come for help.  We can also provide you with copies of the attached leaflet to distribute with your Parish magazine – just let us know how many you need.

TaxAid helps people who are being made bankrupt unnecessarily because of estimated tax demands, people who have been overpaying tax for years because they don’t understand the rules and people who do not know how to access their rights of appeal.  Among others, we help those who suffer from mental illness or live with a disability or blindness, people who are terminally ill, those who have learning difficulties or limited literacy, individuals in abusive employment or domestic situations, the recently bereaved and those who are homeless with alcohol or drug problems.

Since HMRC closed all its Enquiry Centres, more and more people need our help and we need further funds so that we can offer support to everyone who needs us.

·         £50 provides expert tax advice over the phone;

·         £100 enables us to help a newly bereaved widow or widower;

·         £250 pays for our office space for one day;

·         £500 enables us to assist in bankruptcy cases and save a family from losing its home;

·         £1,000 provides representation in complex disputes, identity fraud or HMRC Enquiry cases. 

If you were able to make a small donation, we should be extremely grateful and perhaps this is something you would consider at your next Council Meeting.  Any amount you feel able to give will be gratefully received and put to very good use.  Cheques can be made payable to “TaxAid” and sent to the address below


Room 304, Linton House
164-180 Union Street
020 7803 4950

Fax: 020 7803 4955


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