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Priory school parking on Westfield Drive
I understand that this matter is ongoing but feel it necessary to raise the issue again as nothing has changed since september. When walking my son on a morning I notice that there are the same 8 cars parking on the corner of Westfield drive (4 before and 4 after). Not only does this restrict visability for pedestrians walking past the school to vehicles coming into the Priory car park but it also increases the chances of an accident occurring for traffic passing this way as once a car heading to the primary school passes the first car there is nowhere to pull over if they meet an oncoming car.

Posted by Craig Thwaites on 11 November 2017
Your concerns have been echoed by many, and the council are trying to get a meeting arranged with the school. We will keep pursuing this, in order to find a suitable solution.
Posted by Graham Wylie on 12 November 2017
Parish Chronicle/Newsletter
Hi please can you tell me why we are not getting our Parish Chronicle at the last Parish Council Meeting 2/11/2017 which I attended the Parish Clerk said that when he was at Church all the Parish Chronicles were piled high waiting to get delivered with the Church Newsletter. However in an e-mail today off the Clerk he catagorically states that the Parish Chronicles were sent out with the Church Newsletters the first week in October so how can he have seen them piled up in the Church ready for delivery if they were delivered in October bearing in mind this was discussed at the last PC Meeting so what’s going on. Please feel free to contact me over as this is not the first time.
Posted by Michelle Edwards on 10 November 2017
Apologies for you not having received a copy of the Parish Chronicle. I will speak to the volunteers about this matter to ensure you receive future copies.
In the meantime, if you wish to view the latest copy, you can visit the HPC website to read it. You will find it under HPC document archive, Parish Chronicle.
If you still require a hard copy, I will personally deliver a hard copy to you.
With reference to the date, the Parish Chronicle was only available for delivery as at the time of the last Parish council meeting; the Parish Clerk stating October was just a confusion of date on his part.
Posted by Graham Wylie on 10 November 2017
Could it be that the people delivering the newsletter/ chronicle are unable to gain access through the main door, which means that they are therefore unable to access the letterboxes of the individual flats?
Posted by Daisy on 13 November 2017
Banks Developement
Having received a leaflet from Banks informing of a further 100 houses to be developed on Roundhill Road I am interested to know what action the council is taking to object to this further erosion of our beautiful village. Bearing in mind that the whole of the parish council opposed the last application and more than 200 villagers objected to the development. I look forward to your comments.
Posted by Pauline Chisman on 09 November 2017
Due to the complexities of this matter,I feel that the guestbook isn't the ideal forum to discuss this. Please feel free to attend future HPC meetings - held on the first Thursday of the month.
Posted by Graham Wylie on 09 November 2017
I will be more than happy to attend the parish council meeting on 7 December, could you please confirm that the question of Banks Development will be on the council's agenda for that meeting.
Posted by P. Chisman on 14 November 2017
The Parish Council will be talking about Banks at the next meeting.
Posted by Graham Wylie on 16 November 2017
Further to Pauline Chisham query,09/11/17, I have the same concerns, nowhere in the parish council minutes or hurworth related web sites can I find information with reference to a further Banks sponsored development on Roundhill road.
Were HPC aware of this proposal prior to Banks leaflet being distributed to Hurworth residents?
Please also note Banks statement on page 1 "Our Plan",
have these people been given carte blanche to expand Hurworth?
Having received this leaflet I
have been led to understand that there are a further 3 areas of greenbelt land around Roundhill road of which there is a possibility, "at the right price", could be made available for housing developments.
Could a representative of HADD post on this website contact information.
Posted by R.e.McCabe on 16 November 2017
The council were informed on the same day as the leaflets were delivered, therefore between council meetings. We will be talking about this at the next meeting, 7/12/17. Banks will be submitting their plans early next year.
You can post HADD contact details on here.
Posted by Graham Wylie on 16 November 2017
Banks Property Developers
Today 8.11.17 We received a flyer from Banks proposing what I believe is a further 100 houses in addition to the 100 houses in the now Bellway homes development schems I thought that was a Banks building development scheme.What happened
Posted by Alan Taylor on 08 November 2017
Banks do the assessment, and request planning permission etc. Once this has been passed, they sell the construction rights to a private building company. Banks have been in the village this week, and the Parish Council have asked Northern Echo to publish a story.
Posted by Graham Wyie on 09 November 2017
Parish Walks
Dear Sir / Madam,
I feel I have to let you know how utterly disappointed I am in Councillor Forsters ability to organise Parish Walks! The walks we have had were ill organised, badly publicised and poorly attended. The last one was in August, We have had some beautiful sunny weekends since August which would be perfect for a nice afternoon stroll around our beautiful village. Looking at the minutes it would seem she does not have any other responsibilities within the council and did not even turn up at the last meeting. Perhaps the task of organising the village walks should be passed to one of the more proactive councillors!
Posted by Thomas M on 08 November 2017
Councillor Forster has had a lot of personal issues to deal with, and is disappointed with the lack of walks too.
This will be brought up at the next Parish Meeting, and we will find a solution to get the walks back on track.
Posted by Graham Wylie on 09 November 2017
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