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village notice boards
Please could these be kept up to date. Theres nothing worse than looking at a notice board that advertises past events. Also if A4 size was used you would get 4 events in.
Posted by denise soanes on 15 January 2018
Hello Denise,
I was the notice board councillor until I became Chairman. I passed the responsibility over to Councillor Forster at the January meeting with clear instructions on what is required!
I have tried to contact her to resolve the teething problems without success.
I will be erecting A4 notice boards around the village in the coming months.
Posted by Paul Walters on 15 January 2018
Denise, I echo your thoughts entirely, It looks terrible and they should be kept up to date with outdated notices removed as soon as they become irrelevant. However, please note that the notices in the boards on the road must be A3 as these notices are more to catch the attention of passing motorists, As Paul says there are boards going up soon for more detailed and A4 sized notices.
Posted by Middi on 20 January 2018
After the terrible accident on neasham road regarding the stray horse,is anything going to be done about it! The area has become an absolute tip! These horses are out on the road every week,the people who were in the accident are lucky to be alive.Its about time somethings done.
Posted by Dog lover on 15 January 2018
I called the police and they are not interested stating its down to the RSPCA to resolve. Perhaps if you call the police yourself you might get a more positive response, our PCSO is Patryk Montelatyc.
Posted by Paul Walters on 15 January 2018
The parish council has now written a letter to the police commissioner about the ongoing issue.
Posted by Middi on 20 January 2018
Request extension to planning deadline?
We have just received our letter from DBC regarding the new Banks application, with a deadline of 25th Jan. Given there won't be a Parish Council meeting before then, I just wondered if the Parish Council will be requesting the deadline be extended? Or if not will the Parish Council be raising any concerns with DBC regarding the application? Thanks
Posted by Gemma McDonald on 11 January 2018
Hello Gemma, The Parish Council voted not to raise any concerns this time.
Last time the Parish Council under considerable pressure from HADD raised objections and did not attempt to get any cash from Banks Group, this along with a very well fought campaign from HADD still failed to stop the development! In my opinion and that of many others the village missed out on significant investment from Section 106s and The Banks Community Fund, I think HPC owe it to the residents of Hurworth not to make the same mistake twice. We are just hoping the same funds are available this time around.
Individuals can place their objections to DBC by the 4th Feb 18 should they wish.
Kind Regards
HPC Chairman
Posted by Paul Walters on 12 January 2018
Thanks Paul. I agree we need to try and get the best outcome for the village. However I'm a little concerned that the Parish Council won't be raising any concerns with DBC. My understanding of 106's is that they are put in place to address concerns raised. If there aren't any concerns raised, 106's aren't seen as necessary. 106's..."are a mechanism which make a development proposal acceptable in planning terms, that would not otherwise be acceptable". Has anyone had a conversation with DBC around what 106's may be needed for the village?
Posted by Gemma McDonald on 12 January 2018
I totally agree with you Gemma I also think that it is disgusting that the parish council are making a decision on something that is going to have a major impact on our village without asking all the villagers what they actually want. They should organise an event to give all villagers the right to state their opinion only then should they vote on the majority. Another 95 houses will have a massive impact which I won’t go into now but you can view them in my objection letter. One thing I will question the drainage I thought that they were supposed to be getting improved with the Bellway project?? According to some they are asking residents on Westfield drive if they can tap into theirs! This is going to have serious implications. The parish council have a large amount of reserves sat on the balance sheet to which they should be using to make improvements around the village.
Posted by Nicola Coultas on 18 January 2018
Hi Gemma, since our discussion yesterday afternoon I think Councillor Middlemiss has covered your query on Hurworth Live in detail. If you feel a query has not been answered please let Mark or myself know.
Regards Paul
Posted by Paul Walters on 20 January 2018
dog bin
Hi, the dog bin at the top of Gleeb lane has been over flowing since pre xmas, just thought someone might know a direct line to save me going round in circles at DBC. Thanks Bree
Posted by Bree Stamp on 09 January 2018
If any residents see overflowing dog poo bins within the village please call Street Scene on 01325 405111.
Regards HPC Chairman
Posted by Paul Walters on 12 January 2018
The bin has been emptied now more than once since Bree mentioned it above.
Posted by Daisy on 19 January 2018
Election results
Election results.

Prior 282. Middlemiss 215. Stamp 185. Coakes 97. White 72. Powles 56. Edwards 42.

Nick Prior and Mark Middlemiss welcome to the Parish Council!
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