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Regarding application number 17/01194/OUT - Land at

Osgr E430566 N510791 Roundhill Road.


The parish council has now compiled and submitted a section 106 request based on the needs of the village but within the criteria set out in the national planning policy framework. This document takes into account that all requests must be NECESSARY to make the development acceptable in  planning terms, DIRECTLY RELATED to the development, FAIRLY AND REASONABLY related in kind and scale to the development. The contents of this document can be read below.

The parish council, at the request of members of the public who attended the public meeting on the 1st of February, have also submitted a request to Darlington Borough Council for an extension to the planning deadline for the above application. 

The Parish Council now believes it has done all it can in respect to this application and will not be putting this issue on any further agendas for discussion and reminds anyone in the village who wishes to object to do so of their own accord by submitting and objection to Darlington Borough Council.

Section 106 Requests.


Application Number 17/01194/OUT - 

Land At Osgr E430566 N510791 Roundhill Road - 

Outline Application For Residential Development Of Up To 95 Dwellings

1 Footpath / Cycle Path.

We believe that the people of the parish have a major concern over the lack of any footpath or cycle route connecting the village of Hurworth to the town of Darlington. In the absence of a local plan the NPPF must be followed which states in paragraph 35 “give priority to pedestrian and cycle movements, and have access to high quality public transport facilities; create safe and secure layouts which minimise conflicts between traffic and cyclists or pedestrians, avoiding street clutter and where appropriate establishing home zones; consider the needs of people with disabilities by all modes of transport.” This lack of footpaths on any of the 4 routes in/out of the village (Roundhill Rd. Strait Lane, Croft Rd. Neasham Rd.) shows that this and any future development in the area is against the governments policy of promoting walking and cycling. In a recent application on Roundhill Rd. (16/01210/FUL) In the delegated decision report refusing planning the council stated “The site location is not sustainable as there are limited footways along the main access routes to facilitate non motorised user access” The NPPF also states in paragraph 32 “safe and suitable access to the site can be achieved for all people” For this reason we ask that the developer contributes funding to DBC highways department for the specific purpose of installing a footpath and/or cycle route connecting the Roundhill Rd. development with the town.

2) Improvements to exiting play area AND installation of a new play area.

To meet planning criteria we ask that the developer contribute to the expansion and renovation of the existing children's play area at the community centre. We also ask that, in addition to this upgrade that the developer construct a second play area within the grounds of the new development OR fund the building of a second play area within the local area of the new development land (Be this within the new development or on the DBC owned land on Westfield drive know locally as ‘Manorfields’) It is requested that both new play areas are aimed not just at younger children but also to the 10-16 year old market and should include recreational equipment such as football / basketball courts. We feel the inclusion of this type of equipment will help to stem the flow of anti social behaviour that can usually come with large groups of older children having nowhere to go and nothing to do (This is a national trend directly linked to large housing expansion without recreational facility improvement)

3) Expansion of car parks at the community centre and Primary school.

With the inevitable increase in traffic that this development will bring the expansion of car parking for the schools is vital to avoid any further traffic issues which already blight the village. The expansion of the community centre car park coupled with the new crossing and traffic calming measures already implemented in the first phase developments’ 106 agreement (The development known as Hurworth Gardens) will allow for off road parking and the safe and swift dropping off and picking up of children attending the Hurworth academy on Croft Rd. An expansion of the car park at the primary school and a new drop off system implemented will also cure the major traffic congestion currently suffered around that area.

4) Affordable Housing.

The 1st phase development of this projects’ (Known as Hurworth Gardens) 106 agreement contained a contribution to DBC to fund off site affordable housing, we are led to believe the ruling on how this system works is changing / has changed. The residents of Hurworth wish to feel the benefit of affordable housing and not see that money once again “disappear into the DBC pot”. We therefore request that this 2nd phase of development (Known as Hurworth North) have a minimum of 20% affordable housing ON SITE. 

5) Existing Footpath Improvement.

i) It is requested that the developer fund the finishing of the disabled pathway project that links the community centre to Roundhill Rd. Which when completed will provide a much needed link from the new development to the community centre and in turn to the academy via the new crossings provided by the items put in place in the ‘Hurworth Gardens’ 106 agreement, for not just the disabled, elderly and wheelchair users but also for cyclists, school children and parents with prams.

ii) The footpath currently in place between the entrance to Westfield drive and the junction of Roundhill Rd / West End / The Green (Locally known as the Spar shop junction) is woefully inadequate to provide a safe walking route from the new developments to village amenities being as it, in most parts is not wide enough for a wheelchair or for a parent and child side by side. We ask improvements to this footpath be added to the Hurworth North applications 106 agreement in odder to meet Paragraph 32 and 35 of the NPPF which in the absence of a local plan must be regarded as the criteria to be met during the planning process.