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Hurworth Parish Council Precept Calculation as at 31st December 2015

The Precept has been calculated using the financial budget for 2015-16, in conjunction with the forecasted budget to 31st March 2017.

There is a requirement for small councils to hold a minimum of 6 months operating expenses at any time. This is currently regarded as the amount required as at 31st March 2017, on a pro rata basis.

The council held a Finance Committee Meeting on 26th November 2014, to consider the Precept for the year 2015-16. The following comments and observations are pertinent to determining the Precept to be proposed.

Projects for 2015-16

The Chairman listed the following expenditure, which should be considered and included in the budgets:-

Cost of the public meeting £500
Increased cost of CDALC membership  £300
Hogweed commitment at least £2000 each year
A donation, this year of £150 to the Darlington Association of Parish Councils – The meeting agreed to this expenditure and instructed the Clerk to make the payment.
A contingency Plan contribution to be ring-fenced.
Application for Quality Parish Council Gold status cost £200.
First Aid course to be organised in March 2015 – allocated £500
Cost of paying a person to handle the data collection from the speed monitors £500.

Peter Foster proposed that the council should contribute £2000 each year to both the Hurworth Country Fair, and also to the Annual Outdoor Concert. These fall within the council’s remit to support Leisure activities which benefit a large number of residents. This was Seconded by Chris Pratt, and carried unanimously.
Val Hughes proposed the creation of two disabled mobility pathways. One from Rockliffe Court to Blind Lane, and a second from the Glebe to Hurworth grange. These were well received and discussed in some detail, as there are a number of issues to be addressed. The meeting agreed to allocate £3000 to this project. Val Hughes will lead this project, with help from Chris Pratt.

Precept for 2015

 When the council set the Precept for the current year, it made a provision of 3,500 specifically to combat the influx of Freedom of Information enquiries, believing that we would incur legal costs. It was also declared that if this expenses was not incurred, then the Precept for 2015, would be reduced. These legal costs were not incurred and therefore this amount must be added back when establishing the 2015 Precept.

The Chairman summarised the financial situation, stressing that it is assumed that the parish will have to pay for the Litter Picker, currently £3800, and it is known that we must meet future election costs, in 2015 this will be £2400. After crediting back the none-spent of £3,500, this leaves a shortfall of £2,700

Whereas the council do not wish to pass this burden onto the residents, some contribution will be required to ensure the effective operations of the Parish Council.

After discussion, the council agreed that a modest increase of 2.5 percent should be put forward for next year. This is similar to DBC’s rate increase of 1.99 percent.

Precept Calculation

Expense Budget for 2015-16                                               61620

Council revenue, excluding the Precept                        1580

Net requirement         for 2015-16                                              £ 60,040    

Projected Status as at 31st March 2017

Funds in hand                                                                               34044


Less ring fenced

   Burial fund                                                                           2687

   Flood Contingency Fund                                                    8000


HPC available funds as at 31/3/17                                      23357

Statuary recommended Minimum cash in hand

is 6 months of essential operating expenses

16000 x 50%  =                                                                   8000   

Projected surplus as at 31st March 2017                             15357

 (Mainly due to no expenses for elections)

Less projected surplus as at 31st March 2017                     15357                                          

Projected requirement                                                                £ 44,683

Precept applied for 2015-16,  2.5% increase                                    £ 41,805









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