05 May 20191000mbs per second Broadband may come to Hepple - if enough people show interest

1000mbs per second Broadband may come to Hepple - if 50% of households show interest.

This will cost £30/month, with no data limits, no slow down at peak times, multi user, multi device and will mean you can move your phone to a VOIP service and avoid landline charges


– Not all fibre is equal! This hyperfast connection is up to 100x FASTER than many current village ADSL broadband at 1000 Mbps download AND upload

 – A FUTURE PROOF connection! Your current fibre might seem okay now but it will not be enough in 2 or 10 years’ time

– WE NEED 50% of residents to fill in ‘expression of interest’ OTHERWISE their house/parish WILL MISS OUT. (You should fill in ONCE per property)

– The form isn’t signing you up to ANYTHING and COSTS NOTHING!
You’re NOT committing to buy B4RN even once it does come.

– It only takes 2 minutes!

– You're helping your community!

FREE for primary schools, places of worship, participating village halls and half price for holiday lets.
Other perks for business, sole trader and up! You're helping out those that don’t currently have a connection.
No one is missed out or too far away!

See more at http://b4ntr.com/

05 May 2019Annual Parish Meeting 7pm Village Hall Monday 13th May 2019

The Annual Meeting of the Parish will be held at 7pm in the Village Hall on Monday 13th May 2019. This will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and the Quarterly Meeting of the Parish Council.

Agenda and papers will be published shortly on this website.

All are welcome at all 3 meetings to ask questions and make their views known.

Please come along and participate.

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