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Finance Committee

Councillors Michael Willmore (Chair), Councillors Martin Jewell, Alan Rose, Rachael Killick, John Symons

Planning Committee

Councillors John Symons (Chair),  Rachael Killick, Katy Perry, Patrick Polglase, Celia Savage and Michael Willmore

Traffic Management Committee

Councillors Rachael Pashley (Chair), Rachael Killick, Lucy Scott, Celia Savage, John Symons and Michael WIllmore

Affordable Housing Committee

Councillors John Symons (Chair) Hayley Leary, Katy Perry, Patrick Polglase and Lucy Scott

Clock Tower Committee

Councillors John Symons (Chair), Martin Jewell, Alan Rose and Michael Willmore

Lights Committee

Councillors Patrick Polglase (Chair), John Symons and Martin Jewell

Neighbourhood Development Plan

All Councillors


All Councillors


All Councillors



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