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fireworks 3 june

Picture of Jubilee Fireworks


PRESENT:    John Bassett, Dot Carrington, Anne Pender, Andrew Harding, Margaret Rogerson, Gavin Reed, Peter Scott, Richard Cross.

APOLOGIES: Richard Virden, Steve Carrington, Hilda Wright

Also attending:  Caroline Currie, Liz Askew, Peter Stobie, Alex Stobie


The notes of the meeting held on 29th May 2012 were accepted as correct.

FINANCES – provisional

Funds raised - £6771. Provisional figure for costs - £7715.73 (£6831 after VAT deducted) leaving a small shortfall of £65. The sale of the extra mugs should cover this.
John expressed his thanks to the funding committee.


Friday:   The school sports went well with a few more people attending than usual.

Saturday:        “It’s a knockout”   – this was very much enjoyed by both participants and spectators                  and provided a good deal of fun. Thanks go to Andrew and Carol for     the organisation and to all the volunteer referees.
  Woodburn Street party – the weather determined that this would be held in the    marquee. A fantastic array of food was produced and thoroughly enjoyed by those
  eating it! Thanks go to Margaret and Caroline, all their helpers and all the providers   of the lovely spread.
  Children’s Disco – held on both Saturday and Monday, this was enjoyed by all the   children and appreciated by parents.
  Hog roast and Dancing - approximately 300 people attended and created a great    atmosphere.  The hog roast was delicious and the Rothbury Rebels kept everyone    dancing until late.

Sunday: Church service - the church was filled and a beautiful service, including a     thanksgiving for the local organisations, was conducted by the Rector, the Rev.    Susan Ramsaran.  The picnic was enjoyed by all who came – some of whom were   very brave and ate outside. Thanks go to the Rector and her team for organising the   service and for allowing us to use the church and churchyard for the picnic.
  Thanks too to Steve for organising the tea tent.
  Games -  Stoolball and Rounders were played and enjoyed by participants and    spectators.
  Ringtones – the band performed in the Bay Horse. They were much
  appreciated by the audience who enjoyed singing along.

Monday: Quoits and Boules – a large number of people, both practised players and complete   novices, signed up for both competitions. Because of the numbers the     matches became quite long and games were held up because people due to play were   playing the other game. It was not possible to finish the boules games so another    match will be arranged so that the medals and cup can be awarded.   Nevertheless all   participants played with enthusiasm and enjoyed the afternoon.
  Ridsdale Street Party – the weather was kinder so the party could be held in the    street. Again, a marvellous array of food was enjoyed by everyone there.  Thanks   go to all who helped set up and to those provided the lovely food.

Mon.(cont’d) Tug of War – this started off as an inter-village competition but, following the main   competition, lots of other adults and children wanted to have a go resulting in many   more pulls  and a lot of fun.
  Barbecue and Ceilidh – the turnout and atmosphere were again very good. The    dancing was entered into enthusiastically and burgers and sausages were enjoyed in-   between. Thanks to Steven, Jason and Derek for helping out with      the BBQ.
  Beacon and fireworks – the beacon was impressive and glowed magnificently. The   fireworks were a bit too distant to be fully appreciated but could be seen if not heard   by those in Ridsdale. However we have heard that they were much appreciated in the   surrounding areas! Thanks go to John and Richard for the arrangements and to    Martin and Ali for their work with the beacon and fireworks on the day.

Tuesday: Clearing up – John explained that the marquee was due to be taken down on    Wednesday but was in fact collected on the Tuesday.  He wished to thank everyone   who gathered together quickly and helped get everything sorted out and cleared up.

Hunt & Quiz The scarecrows added to the enjoyment of the weekend and provided a great talking   point for both local people and visitors. Gavin carried out his unenviable task as    judge most meticulously giving points for amusing, different and scary scarecrows   and for quality and design. He said that the standard was very high and his job fun   but challenging. Thanks go to him for his diligence (and courage!).

Punch and  Paddy and Jan Mendez provided a Punch and Judy show which kept the
Judy  children entertained on both Saturday and Monday whilst their parents were playing   games.


Everyone agreed that the provision of the minibus helped enormously in encouraging people to attend events in both villages and was very well used. Peter donned his Jubilee driver’s outfit and carried out most of the driving.  Thanks go to him and to Steve.


Thank you letters have been received from Louise(Margaret’s daughter) and her children, Richard Cross, Tom Hughes and West Woodburn Shop & Post Office. All expressed their enjoyment of the weekend and thanked the committee for their hard work. These will be displayed in the village hall.

It was decided that individual thank you letters be sent to some non-committee members who have given particular help with the celebrations as below:
Alex Beattie for use of his field
J Scott for bales for the beacon
Carol Hawman for devising and running “It’s a knockout”
Julie Famelton for the scarecrow hunt and quiz
Rev. Susan Ramsaran for the church service and picnic.
Angela Carrington for photography
Tom Hughes for bunting material and tug of war rope
Kathy Graham & Caroline Currie for extra work on the bunting
Jan and Paddy Mendez for the Punch and Judy show.
Mark Bleasedale for his continuous help all over the weekend.



Two dates for collection of mugs were agreed – Sat 30th June between 4pm & 6pm and Sun 1st July between 11am &1pm, at the village hall. A note will be made on a copy of the Electoral Register to denote people collecting. Any mugs not collected will be delivered. Extra mugs will be available for purchase at £2.50 each.  Should demand exceed what we have spare, more mugs can be ordered from the supplier.


Stancliffe Stones –  Awaiting response from Highways
Lord Devonport – two benches will be donated.
Photographic Record – the committee agreed that the collages and panoramic photograph be ordered.  A proof will be sent for approval by the committee.
Time Capsule -  suggestions for what should be included were:
Jubilee programme, order of service, medals, map of Corsenside, Electoral roll, panoramic  photograph and 2012 coins.
West Woodburn First School will also be asked whether they wish to contribute something.
Richard will collect the items .The capsule will consist of a piece of piping sealed with a non-rust protective coating and will be buried in the gateway to the church in September .
Annual Corsenside event –As many people in the parish have said that it would be good if the whole parish could get together more often, John suggested that a further legacy could be an annual “Fun Day”. He proposed that a Corsenside Community Committee be set up as a sub-committee of the Parish Council to facilitate this.  He will gather some information about similar community groups for further discussion.




John proposed that a Cheese and Wine evening be arranged to take place in October. This would give an opportunity for people to get together again and to present the photo collages to the two pubs.

A vote of thanks was proposed and given to John for his sterling work in initiating the Jubilee celebrations and seeing them through to fruition.


Monday 13th August 8pm at the Gun Inn.


PRESENT: John Bassett, Dot Carrington, Anne Pender, Richard Cross, Margaret Rogerson, Richard Virden, Andrew Harding, Gavin Reed

APOLOGIES: Steve Carrington, Caroline Currie

Also attending: Liz Askew, Hilda Wright, Peter Stobie,


The notes of the meeting held on 7th March 2012 were accepted as correct.


Known Costs:

Marquees £2262

Toilets £360

Bands & Disco £1000

Minibus £300


Other potential expenses:

Fuel for bus and generators

Programme printing

Prizes – sports, quiz, scarecrow hunt

Street party requirements other than food.

Funds already received:

Parish Council £500

Village Hall Fund £1000

NTRCP £300 (for minibus)

Race Night £951

Donations £1015

Bonus Ball £300




Still to come - £2000 from Green Rigg Wind Farm Community Fund and proceeds of remaining Bonus Ball


Also proceeds from raffle of print from Mary Ann Rogers. Tickets to be sold by committee members before and during the Jubilee events. Dot will get tickets and distribute to sellers.

Tickets £1 per strip of 5. Draw to take place after the Tug of War on Monday 4th June.




General items:


The Police and Fire service have been notified and given contact details for events.

Application to St Johns ambulance for first aid cover has been made. Not confirmed in writing yet,

Risk assessments: Completed by Andrew Harding. Copy to be sent to David Feeney, Clerk to the Parish Council, for forwarding to Insurers. Re-assessments will be done nearer the weekend to check for any changes.


Disco: Disco for both events has been confirmed but no price given yet

Sports and games: Andrew gave brief details of potential sports and games. He and Carol will continue to work on this. Estimate for prizes approx £100. Volunteers will be needed to help run the sports and games on the day. Stop watches will be needed. (Let Andrew know if you can help with this)

Street parties: Margaret and Liz confirmed that arrangements are going to plan.

Margaret will check if cups from Sonya will be available for Ridsdale party as well as Woodburn party. May be available from Village Hall if not.

Bunting making will be on Sun 13th May. 2.30pm in the village hall.

Dot or Steve will book the hall.

Need to measure length of bunting required for Ridsdale.


Scarecrow Hunt: Gavin Reed has agreed to judge the Scarecrow competition.

Julie Famelton will run the event. She will obtain details of where scarecrows will be from participants and prepare a map for Gavin.

Judging can take place all over the weekend. Winners will be announced on Monday at 4.45pm. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

The quiz will also take place all over the weekend. There will be separate quizzes for adults and children, questions in each category being attached to each scarecrow. Prizes for each category.

Flyer with full details and Julie’s contact number to be prepared by Dot and Julie for distribution round the parish.


Photo exhibition: Richard Cross has not had many photos offered yet. Flyer to be sent round giving details of the exhibition and explaining that photographs would be copied and returned to owners by Richard.

John Bassett has the display boards and will store until needed.

For practical reasons, it was decided that the Village Hall would not now be used to house the exhibition for the week before the celebrations, just The Bay Horse, 1st & 2nd June and The Gun Inn 3rd & 4th June.




Lord Devonport’s proposals.


John reported that he, Steve, Dot and Peter Scott had met a couple of weeks ago with Lord and Lady Devonport to discuss the proposals.

Items discussed were:

Seats: One for each village. Lord Devonport has some timber available at his estate in the south, which John offered to bring up to this area. John also gave him details of a carpenter who could make the seats. Lord Devonport will contact him.

Avenue of trees: Lord Devonport would like this to be alongside the A68 on the Ridsdale Bank, south of the village. He will contact the landowners on each side of the road for permission to plant on their land as the trees cannot be put on the verges.

John suggested that if these sites were not possible then an avenue alongside the permissive path to Fourlaws might be an alternative.

Play area: Lord Devonport feels that he may be able to persuade the owners of land around Ridsdale to give a piece of their land for a play area. He and Lady Davenport looked at a couple of potentially suitable sites


There has been no communication from Lord Devonport since the meeting.


Commemorative stones - Stancliffe.


The preferred option of the committee was two stones, one at each end of the parish, engraved with the details of the Diamond Jubilee and possibly the names of the villages/Parish. To avoid too much engraving it was thought that an insert could be fixed into the stones. A final decision as to the wording and size and shape of the stones was not made.


Siting of the stones was discussed. One in the lay-by to the south of Ridsdale and one in the lay-by at Corsenside were proposed as there may be difficulties in putting them on the road side. Anne Pender will contact the Highways Department through the Parish Council for permission.

It was decided that a meeting with Steve Boam from Stancliffe was needed to confirm what could be done with regard to size, shape and wording. Dot will arrange this.



Souvenir programme.


Mrs Beavers has confirmed that the children’s design for the front page of the programmes will be done by 26th April.

The programme will be A5 size with the children’s design on the front with a one page insert giving details of the events and acknowledging sponsors and donors.

The North Tyne and Redesdale Community Partnership still do printing and this could be an option. Dot will ask for a price now that we have detail of size and layout.



Feature in the Courant.


Richard Cross reported that he had sent in a piece for the Redesdale News but had not tried for a feature in the main body of the paper.

John Bassett suggested that both the Courant and the Journal be contacted about a news item rather than an article which would cost us. He and Peter Stobie will contact the relevant people.



Souvenirs for children.


There was some discussion about what form this should take and whether any souvenirs should be given just to the children or to everyone. As the fund looks quite healthy it may be possible to give one to everybody.

The committee was shown a mug which had been given to everyone for the Millennium. It was decided that a similar mug would be suitable. Margaret Rogerson will investigate suppliers and price.


Time Capsule.



It was suggested that the time capsule could be buried in the churchyard and a record of its position kept in the church records. Richard Virden did not think that permission for it to be placed in consecrated ground would be granted. He instead suggested that it may be possible to place it in the gateway to the graveyard. He will look into this.


No definite decisions about what should go into the capsule were made but it was agreed that photographs of the events over the Jubilee weekend should be included. (See below re photography)


Minibus: Peter Stobie asked about letting people know about the minibus routes and times. A flyer will be sent round a week or so before the weekend giving these details.


Order of Service: Richard Virden suggested that a souvenir Order of Service be given to those attending the church service on the Sunday. This was agreed. Richard Cross thought that the Church could pick up the cost. They will discuss the details with the Rector, Rev. Susan Ramsaran.

Toffee Apples: Margaret reported that Mick Bailey has offered to make toffee apples for all the children in the villages.

Photography: The committee felt that there should be a photographic record of the Jubilee weekend. This could be in the form of a collage of photographs to be put up in the Gun and the Bay Horse as a permanent record. A panoramic photograph of all those attending could also be put into the time capsule.

Dot will speak to her daughter who is in business as a professional photographer and designer about doing this for us.


Tuesday 15th May - 8pm in the Gun Inn


Corsenside Jubilee Committee


* Apologies


* Finance/Fundraising
  Letter from Parish Council re funding and insurance
  Update - race nights
  Update – raffles


* Programme of events
  Update from actions list re marquees, beacon site, transport, music,    sports day, etc
  Feedback from e-mails and flyers.


* Formation of sub-committees


* Any other business

*  Date of next meeting

Notes of meeting held Wednesday 4th January 2012

Present:        Apologies:
John Bassett        Margaret Rogerson
Richard Cross        Gavin Reed
Anne Pender        Lord Devonport
Peter Stobie
Andrew Harding
Michael Rutherford
Holly Smith
Dot Carrington
Steve Carrington
Richard Virden        
The following agenda items were discussed and actions agreed:

Formation of Committee

The Corsenside Jubilee Committee (CJC) will be a sub-committee of Corsenside Parish Council (PC) in order that the PC’s banking facilities can be used and insurance cover arranged by them.  At least two committee members must be Parish Councillors.

The committee will consist of:
Chairman:   John Bassett
PC’s Financial Liaison: Anne Pender
Secretary;   Dot Carrington
2nd PC representative:  Margaret Rogerson
Youth Representative:  Michael Rutherford
Youth Representative:  Holly Smith
Committee member:  Richard Cross
“   Gavin Reed
“   Richard Virden
“   Andrew Harding
“   Steve Carrington
“   Peter Scott

Finance (Administration, Grants, Fund Raising etc.)

Anne Pender agreed to be the link between CJC and PC regarding financial matters.  All monies received from grants, fundraising etc will be passed to the Parish Council who will then disburse the funds as required.
JB suggested that the PC were asked whether they would be able to make any donation to the Jubilee funds.  A formal letter will be sent to the PC via AP for discussion at the next PC meeting.

Businesses will be contacted about sponsorship and the possibility of grants researched.
Suggested fund-raising events are:
Race nights in West Woodburn and Ridsdale
Weekly raffle for meat tray or other foods.
Pool competition

Venues, events and equipment

Those present felt that there must be an equal distribution of venues and events between the two villages.

AP reported that the insurance company will need a risk assessment for each event, the Police and Fire Brigade will need to be informed and stewards and First Aider(s) appointed

Ridsdale site –Alex Beattie is willing to allow his field adjacent to Armourdale in Armstrong Street to be used for events provided there is insurance in place which indemnifies him against liability.
He will mow the field in preparation for any events.

Minibus. To be hired to ferry people from one venue to the other.

Marquee.  JB and RC are in contact with the military and SC will also make enquiries.

Toilet facilities. JB has contacted Nixons who can provide portable toilets.

Legacy. The committee agreed that a legacy of some kind would be appropriate and will ask for suggestions and look into possibilities by the next meeting.

Draft Programme of events.

Some proposed events are:

Photo exhibition of past 60years in Corsenside.     Sports Day. 
Team games day        Street Party

Service of remembrance at St Cuthbert’s, Corsenside  Ceilidh

Tug of War        Beacon and fireworks

Suggestions for food and entertainment at the various events are:

Hog roast, Barbecue, Afternoon Tea, Picnic

Samba Band, Disco, The Woodburners, Steel Band.

A draft programme of events was drawn up.  Copy attached. This will be circulated to all


Next Committee meeting:


Wednesday 25th January 2012. 7.30pm at the Gun Inn.

N.B. Committee action list attached

John Bassett:
Follow up provision of arrangements for beacon site and for marquee.(liaising with Richard C)
Arrange toilet facilities
Liaise with “Woodburners” re ceilidh
Arrange beacon and fireworks

Anne Pender:
Report details of meeting to Parish Council at their meeting on 9th January.
Make arrangements for dealing with financial affairs through Parish Council.
Liaise with PC’s Insurers re requirements for cover.
Arrange for distribution of draft plan.

Dot Carrington:
Provide list of committee members and notes of meeting to Anne.
Write letter to Parish Council about possible funding from them.
Contact “The Precious Things” band and disco. (Allie Warneford and her husband at High Brandy Bank run it and have offered us reduced rates.)
Register our beacon with the Pageantmaster of “The Queeen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons”.

Richard Cross:
Follow up provision of arrangements for beacon site and for marquee. (liaising with John B)
Gather and mount photographs for exhibition.

Richard Virden:
Contact head of school about sports day and anything else that may be done as part of their Jubilee project.
Arrange service etc at St Cuthbert’s,

Steve Carrington:
Find out about provision of marquee.
Get details of minibus and book if available.
Contact Mark Rogerson about weekly raffles.

Peter Stobie:
Liaise with Alex Beattie regarding his land.

Holly Smith:
Find out if Samba Band available
Liaise with young people in Corsenside, telling them about the celebrations and asking for ideas.

Michael Rutherford:
Find out if Steel Band available.
Liaise with young people in Corsenside, telling them about the celebrations and asking for ideas.


Exhibition of photographs covering the last 60 years to be held in Woodburn village hall over the period of the celebrations.


Saturday 2nd June.  West Woodburn.


Sports day for all ages.
Afternoon Tea
Hog roast and disco, steel band and /or samba band in the evening.

Sunday 3rd June.  Corsenside and West Woodburn

Service at St Cuthbert’s Church, remembering people from the parish over  the last 60 years.
Picnic to follow.
Team Games.

Monday 4th June. Ridsdale

Street Party with Fancy Dress competition for children.
Tug of War
Barbecue in the evening with ceilidh, samba band and/or disco.
Lighting of Jubilee Beacon followed by fireworks.


Public Meeting

Wednesday 4th January 2012

Parish Hall, West Woodburn


       Main agenda items to include forming a committee,
discussing venues, types of celebration, finances, publicity etc

All Parishioners Welcome



Notes from the Inaugural meeting of the Proposed Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2012

16 members of the parish attended the in-augural meeting of the proposed Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Celebrations planned for June 2012 at the Parish Hall, West Woodburn. The meeting commenced at 1930hrs.

Peter Stobie outlined the approach that had been taken within the parish to ascertain the interest in the celebrations. 250 leaflets were distributed to every home within the Parish. 25 people responded offering support. The Parish Council have been approached and three parishioners attended the recent parish council meeting and presented the interest in the celebrations within the parish and asked for their support and if and how the Parish Council may be able to support the event. The Parish Council 
promised their support and offered to fund the parish hall for meetings, agreed to investigate the cover of the parish council public liability insurance and the provision of the use of the councils banking facilities provided that the organisation was set-up as a sub committee of the Parish Council and that the Parish Council had representation on the sub committee.
The meeting was thrown open to those present to provide suggestions, ideas, possible locations and the way ahead.

Suggestions :  
Organisations within the parish be invited to send a representative to serve on the organisation committee.
The celebrations extend over a two or three day period. Both West Woodburn and Ridsdale used as venues.
A beacon fire be lit on the beacon, north of West Woodburn, including a firework display.
The beacon be registered as one of the national beacons on Monday 5th June.
To look in to the possibilities of leaving a legacy that follows the celebrations, one idea was to forge a twinning with another community from another part of the world possibly in South Africa as this was where the Queen was given the news that she was to be crowned as Queen.
The village school to be asked to participate, the meeting was advised that any involvement by the school will probably have to be within the school week.
The planting of commemorative Jubilee trees within the parish.
Competitions be held, one possible theme alternative Olympics, tennis, rounders, football etc.
Photographic display representing 60 years.
Money making schemes – Race night; quoits, darts and pool  competitions; Raffle (2 pony ride lessons for 2 persons donated).

It was informally agreed that a public meeting be held where a committee be formed to organise the celebrations. John Bassett was asked to chair this meeting. Date suggested for this meeting being Wednesday 4th January 2012 at the Parish Hall commencing at 1930hrs. Posters would be displayed within the parish. Dot Carrington agreed to produce the posters.

John Bassett                                                                                  17th December 2011



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