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Brinkley Church

You are very welcome to visit Brinkley Church. 

Services are held on Sundays as listed in the village newsletter Village Voice which you will find elsewhere on this website.

For pastoral enquiries, please contact:

Churchwarden John Robertson 01638 507484


Extract from ‘Historical Notes on Brinkley’ By R Cory.

It is believed that an earlier Church was replaced by the present one partly based on the fact that the names of the Parish Priests date back to 1260.

The present Church of St Mary was built during the Perpendicular period, probably in 16th or 17th Century and still retains the original tower with its fine perpendicular arch, and a very beautiful East window which poses quite a mystery.  Commenting on the stained glass at the top of this window which is medieval, Nikolaus Pevsner in his Cambridgeshire volume of Buildings of England refers to it as ‘so typical of  c1300 and so unlikely for a High Victorian architect that it must be accurate’.(Indicating that the Victorian architect who restored the Church  in 1875, and replaced all the other windows, did not design this East window.) The window appears, too, in the drawing of Brinkley Church by William Cole who carried out a very complete survey of Churches in Cambridgeshire in 1750; this proves that the window was there before the restoration of the church.

Nikolaus Pevsner draws particular attention to the brickbuilt South porch, claiming it to be the only one in the County.  The North window of the Chancel contains a jumble of fragments of pieces of 14th century stained glass.  The pulpit is probably 18th Century with Jacobaen panels, similar to those in the squire’s pew.  At one time there was a ceiling with carved main beams but these appear to have been removed in 1874 and used to support the floor of the Nave pews.

The Church Bells
The tower contains 6 bells.
1. Cast by William Dobson of Downham Market in 1820
2 Cast by Johanes Draper in 1602
3    Cast by Johanes Draper in 1609
4 Cast by Thomas Newman in 1723 or 1725
5 Cast by William Hull between 1671 and 1687. South Malling, Sussex.
6 Cast by Thomas Gardiner of Sudbury in 1727. This last bell has the impressions of four Queen Anne coins in its waist. Its weight is about 15cwts.
The bell tower and frames were restored in the 1980s.  The bells are rung by visiting teams on a regular basis.

Copies of the book Historical Notes on Brinkley by R H Cory are available from 

Rectors of Brinkley
1260   Baldwin de Moyun
1338-1341 William de Cotesbrok
Roger de Sybesdon
1349  John Adinet
1377  John
1391  John de Kykeby
1391  William de Herbyngdon
1393-1395  Nicholas Stokes
1395  John de Norton
1397  Richard de Elyngdon
1399  John Randolf
1400  John Maister
1402-1408  Thomas Morton
1444  John Smyth
1444  John Wright
1447  Thomas Bolton
1456  William Spence
1465  Thomas Thorlby
1469  William Mitton
1487  Walter Briston
1493-1494  John Warde
1494  John Watnoo
1505  William Cadion
1506-1538  Richard Adcock
1538  John Boner
1569  John Synger
1573  Laurence Barnwell
1602-1625  William Ellys
1625-1658  Robert Sendall
1663-1713  Heigham Perne
1716-1751  Christopher Anstey
1751-1767  Thomas Rutherford
1768-1769  John Currey
1770-1809  Reginald Braithwaite
1810-1817  George Cooke
1817-1872  George Francis Holcombe
1872-1889  Francis Drake Thomson
1889-1893  Charles Manley Roberts
1893-1897  James George Easton
1898-1912  William Henry Bray
1912-1916  Percy Urwick Lasbrey
1917-1934  William Edward Waddington
1935-1950  Howard Percy Hart
1951-1969  Philip Randle Kerr Whitaker
1969-1973  Peter John Lloyd
1973-1980  Ronald Crowther
1982-1983  Norman Andrew Burnet
1984-1986  David Matheson Hunter
1986-1992  Nigel Ernest Hartley Holmes
1993-1999  John Stuart Askey
2000-2006  David John Cockerell
2007- 2014  Pauline Ann Reid

2017-Nicola Antoinette Mann

Brinkley Churchyard

There have been a couple surveys done of the gravestones in the churchyard, one by Cambridgeshire Family History Society in 1983 and a second in May 2007 by a local and updated in 2016.
If you are interested in a particular family name then e-mail  with details and we will endeavour to provide any information we have.

For general enquiries please contact a member of the PCC via the Village Voice e-mail on
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