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As someone deeply troubled by some of the recent events and behaviours, which went much further than demonstrating 'passion', I would like to thank those on the Parish Council for all their hard work and commitment over the years. To those who have resigned, I hope you will continue to participate in our community. To those that remain, thank you for your ongoing committment, and please remember you represent all of our community, not just a vociferous minority. Your strength and moral fibre are needed and appreciated.

Posted by Saddened Resident on 04 December 2013
Recent Resignations
Recent Resignations
I would like to express my thanks to the current council members, both elected and co-opted.
For many years they have worked tirelessly for the community with little thanks, normally it is criticisms and complaints that take us to their doors or the public meeting.
Recent events have interested many and raised passions, and I for one am glad that we can still be passionate, it would suggest we still care about where we live
It was with sadness that I heard John, our long standing Chair, and the two remaining elected members feel it is time to resign.
With so many important issues outstanding from super fast broadband and traffic calming, thank you Sarah, to the more mundane, but just as important dog fowling and grass cutting, thank you Val, it will be difficult at best for the council to continue without leadership, John to thank there.
I hope that the passion the parishioners have demonstrated over recent months continues in to deeds and actions.
Now is the opportunity, if one was required, to continue the good work of those that have gone before, but please remember that the council has always, and will always act with the best intentions for the parish even if not all agree.
It's great to see a Christmas tree in the millennium green, thanks Steven and everyone else involved!

Posted by Peter Tully on 04 December 2013
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