On this page you will find Notices of forthcoming Parish Council meetings and other local news.  If you have items of news you would like to have included on this page, please contact Martin Chilvers, Rochester with Byrness Parish Clerk (details on the Contact Us page) or send a message using the Guestbook.

01 June 2022Parish Council meetings

Parish Council meetings

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Tuesday 26 July, 2022 at 7.00pm.  This will be held at Byrness Village Hall.

Should you wish to contribute to the meeting please contact the Parish Clerk at rochesterwithbyrnesspc@gmail.com.

The Agenda for the meeting can be found here or in the appropriate section of the 'Document Library' a few days before the meeting. 

Additionally a draft version of the minutes from the previous meeting are available to view within the 'Document Library'.

The Parish Council meet on the last Tuesday of every other month. Below are dates and locations for the next six meetings

27 September, 2022 @ Rochester Village Hall

29 November, 2022 @ Byrness Village Hall

24 January, 2023 @ Rochester Village Hall

28 March, 2023 @ Byrness Village Hall

30 May, 2023@ Rochester Village Hall (to include Annual Parish Meeting)

31 July, 2023 @ Byrness Village Hall

22 May 2022Ofgem scams to be aware about

Dear Northumbria Connected subscriber, 

Action Fraud has received 752 reports in four days relating to fake emails purporting to be from Ofgem. The emails state that the recipient is eligible for a rebate as a result of a newly announced government scheme. The links in the emails lead to genuine-looking websites that are designed to steal your personal and financial information.

Please view our tweet to see a screenshot of the fake emails reported to Action Fraud: https://twitter.com/CyberProtectUK/status/1527657160586444800?s=20&t=RdAiopW83gUlsAymvjnu5g

Remember, your bank, or any other official organisation, won’t ask you to share personal information over email or text. If you need to check that it’s a genuine message, contact the company using details from their official website or app.

Spotted a suspicious email? Forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) - report@phishing.gov.uk

For more information on how to stay secure online, please visit: www.cyberaware.gov.uk

To sign up and receive regular updates and advice please see the Northumbria Police link below


15 April 2022Byrness substation progress

Please see the attached detailing the latest progress with the development on the Byrness substation

02 April 2022Skip hire policy for location on Parish Council land

Should a resident of the parish wish to hire a skip and have placed on Parish Council land it will initially be necessary for the hire company to obtain a permit from the Parish Council before delivery of the skip.

Should you wish to hire a skip and have it placed on Parish Council land please ask the hire company to contact the Parish Clerk at either rochesterwithbyrnesspc@gmail.com or 01830 520535 with details of the hire including the exact location it is planned to have the skip located, size of the skip, how long the skip will be in place and the preferred date that the hire will begin.

Until such time as the Parish Council issue the hire company permission to have the skip located on land belonging to the Parish Council the skip must not be delivered. The Parish Council will look to issue permission within five working days of receipt of the request.

There will be a penalty of £20.00 if there is late collection of the skip unless previously agreed with the Parish Council.

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