02 April 2022
Skip hire policy for location on Parish Council land

Should a resident of the parish wish to hire a skip and have placed on Parish Council land it will initially be necessary for the hire company to obtain a permit from the Parish Council before delivery of the skip.

Should you wish to hire a skip and have it placed on Parish Council land please ask the hire company to contact the Parish Clerk at either rochesterwithbyrnesspc@gmail.com or 01830 520535 with details of the hire including the exact location it is planned to have the skip located, size of the skip, how long the skip will be in place and the preferred date that the hire will begin.

Until such time as the Parish Council issue the hire company permission to have the skip located on land belonging to the Parish Council the skip must not be delivered. The Parish Council will look to issue permission within five working days of receipt of the request.

There will be a penalty of £20.00 if there is late collection of the skip unless previously agreed with the Parish Council.

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