New legislation (The Transparency Code) now requires that smaller parish councils publish their accounts online. This includes:

  • All items of income and expenditure above £100 (these can be seen in the minutes and from 2017 on a spreadsheet included in the accounts)
  • The end of year accounts, including the previous year's balance, a bank reconciliation and notable variances in income or expenditure duting the financial year (in the report below)
  • The Annual Governance Statement (in the report below)
  • The Internal Audit Report (in the report below)
  • A list of councillor and member responsibilities (included on the MEMBERS page of this site)
  • Details of assets held by the Parish Council (included as a .pdf file below)

The 2016 Audit Report - click to open 6.5 meg file

The 2016 External Auditor's Report

The St. Tudy Assets Register 2017

Click for Map