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04 May 2011
Proposed incinerator at Twinwood Business Park


Twinwood Incinerator Appeal

The appeal against refusal by Bedford BC for an incinerator at Twinwood Business Park will be heard by the Planning Inspector on 04.05.11. Anyone wishing to comment must do so by 03.05.11. Please use A4 paper and a font such as Arial or Verdana in a size of 11 point or larger. The documentation from The Planning Inspectorate also recommends the following:
Template for sending your comments
Unless your handwriting is very clear it would help if you are able to have your comments typed. Please use black ink and include
1. Your name and address.
2. The Planning Inspectorate appeal reference number - APP/K0235/A/10/2141593
3. The address of the appeal site –
Energy Recovery Facility to accept and process locally produced wastes to produce heat and power at Twinwoods Business Park, Milton Ernest, Bedford
Planning application number: 09/01258/FULWME
4. ‘I am against the appeal proposals’ or ‘I support the appeal proposals’.
5. Your comments. If you are against, say whether it is for the same reasons as given by the Local Planning Authority (no short term need; local waste strategy not yet agreed and applicant unwilling to agree to catchment restriction for the waste) or, if not, explain your own reasons. Or, say why you support the appeal proposals.
Your letter should be sent to:
The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/16
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
You can submit your comments on line through the Planning Portal using the
Planning Casework Service, www.planningportal.gov.uk/pcs or you can write or e-mail them: enquiries@planning-inspectorate.gsi.gov.uk
You can also contact the Inspectorate by ‘phone: Helpline: 0117 372 6372
You may wish to consider the following objections
i)                    The proposed site is a rural location with rural roads to approach it. The number of additional HGV movements is estimated at over 450 per week through rural villages making the Twinwood site an unsustainable option. This extra traffic would also have a very significant impact in terms of both noise and pollution.
ii)                   In addition construction traffic is estimated to produce an additional 140 HGV movements per day during construction.
iii)                 The proposed site is meant to be for locally produced waste but is not located near to the centre of the source of the waste stream (Bedford Borough and Central Beds).
iv)                 The safety of the process is not proven given recent closures of a similar plant on the Isle of Wight because of toxic emissions. Emissions do not necessarily produce an odour so may not be noticeable.
v)                  Yarl’s Wood, the Immigration Centre, is within 200 metres of the proposed site. There is a potential risk to the health of over 500 people who live and work here.
vi)                 Policy CP24 of the Bedford Core Strategy plan aims to protect and enhance the quality and character of the landscape, but the nature and scale of the development would be inappropriate within the wider landscape. The proposed building would be the tallest construction on this site.
vii)               The proposed strategic long term development for the whole site is to encourage high tech clean businesses to re-locate to Twinwood Business Park. This proposal would not fit well into that strategic long term development plan.  


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