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08 July 2020Summer Village News

Due to the continuing high incidence of coronavirus in this area, the Summer Village News has been issued online only.  The magazine can be viewed at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-0MwqhS39mHcuZZT2wHDiRVqe13Knw8g/view?usp=sharing

29 June 2020Coronavirus - message from Bedford Borough Council

Message from Bedford Borough Council

The latest data from Public Health England shows that Bedford Borough has the highest levels of Coronavirus infections in the East of England. Due to the high infection rate, Bedford Borough Council and local NHS organisations are working with Public Health England and the Joint Biosecurity Centre to investigate why rates of infection here aren’t falling as quickly as other areas.

These organisations are closely examining the data from Bedford, so that steps can be taken to bring infection rates down in the borough. Work is also underway with other partner organisations including the emergency services to raise awareness of this local situation. 

While the infection rates remain high we’re asking everyone to continue to stay home where possible and when you do need to go out make sure you’re appropriately social distancing. Keep two metres apart, wear a face covering when out (particularly on public transport), and regularly wash your hands with soap and water, or use a hand sanitiser when that’s not available. These are things that we can all do to help slow the spread of the virus and save lives.

18 June 2020Closure of Oakley Road Bridge

Bedford Borough Council has advised that their contractor has managed to combine resources and shorten the period of road closure for these works.  Consequently the closures have now been programmed from 24th June until the original end date of the beginning of August.

02 June 2020Closure of Oakley Road Bridge

Repair works to Oakley Road Overbridge are included within Bedford Borough's annual programme.  The extent of the scheme is to complete heat straightening repairs to the steel beams previously damaged as a result of vehicular impact from the A6.  Unfortunately these works will necessitate a road closure of the bridge throughout the period of the works as it will not be able to sustain vehicular loading during the operations.  Overnight closures of the dual carriageway A6 southbound will also be required throughout most of this period due to access requirements for the works.  The footway between Oakley and Clapham will remain open throughout, but emergency vehicles will not be permitted to travel along either route during the closures.  Opportunity has been taken to complete these works during the ongoing period of reduced traffic flows and to complete other lighting and gulley cleaning works during the road closures.

The site location and diversion routes are below.

The contractor has programmed these works from 18th June for up to seven weeks and notices will be erected on site which will provide the most up to date information.

20 May 2020Please dispose of PPE correctly

Many of us are using items of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as disposable gloves and face masks when we go out and it is important that these are disposed of correctly. 

Used PPE must be double bagged, securely tied and stored for a minimum of 72 hours before being placed into the black general waste bin. Used items of PPE are not recyclable and must not be placed into the orange lidded recycling bin. 


20 May 2020Further materials to be accepted at the Barker's Lane Tidy Tip

From Thursday 21 May, you will be able to dispose of more types of waste at the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) on Barkers Lane.

With more onward disposal sites for waste collected at the HWRC starting to open and the success of the new system at the Barkers Lane site to facilitate social distancing, we are now able to allow more types of waste to be disposed of.

From Thursday 21 May, the following can be disposed of at the tip:

  • Hardcore and rubble - up to 3 items including broken ceramic tiles, bricks, ceramic sanitary ware e.g. sinks/toilets. Soil will not be accepted.
  • Plasterboard - up to 3 sheets
  • Paint

This is for household waste only. Commercial waste is not being accepted at this time. This is in addition to the material already being accepted at the HWRC below:

  • general rubbish (e.g. black lidded bin types of waste)
  • small items of furniture
  • garden waste (e.g green lidded bin types of green waste)
  • recycling (e.g. orange lidded bin types of recycling)
  • small electrical appliances (e.g. microwaves, kettles, and toasters)

Skips for large pieces of cardboard have also been added, to make it easier for these to be recycled. Please make sure any polystyrene or other packaging is completely removed before recycling cardboard items.

The HWRC is still operating under a mandatory booking system and you will be asked what you are disposing of when you call for a slot so that you can be directed to the right area on site.

To book a slot please call 01234 718013. You will be able to book a slot up to 14 days in advance (subject to availability) and the site will be open between 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week.

For more information about visiting the site or how to book a slot, please visit www.bedford.gov.uk/hwrc or call 01234 718013.


18 May 2020Green Waste Drop Off at Oasis Extended

Bedford BC has extended the temporary site in Oasis Swimming Pool car park for people to drop off their green waste. This site has been extended until Sunday 24 May.

This site is for Bedford Borough residents only, no booking is needed but proof of address is required.

Residents can to bring their garden waste, without appointment, to the Oasis site and empty any bags or containers of garden waste into large bins. This facility will be open from 9am-5pm until Sunday 24 May. Only cars, 4x4s, and small vans up to 1500kg payload will be able to use this service.

The Oasis site is purely for garden waste, no other waste will be accepted. The same types of green waste will be accepted as can currently go in the green bin e.g. grass cutting, plants and weeds, flowers, prunings, hedge clippings, leaves and bark.

Find out more about disposing of waste during this time, including the opening of the Household Waste Recycling Centre on the website - www.bedford.gov.uk


07 May 2020Book A Slot to visit Barkers Lane Tip from Monday 11th May

The Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) on Barkers Lane will reopen on Monday 11 May. Bookings to visit the site must be made in advance.

Given the ongoing seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak and Government guidance still in place there has had to be some changes to how the HWRC will operate, to make sure it can open in a safe way. Access to the tip will be via a one way system on Barkers Lane accessed only from Newnham Avenue.

To ensure the site is not overwhelmed and so that everyone can follow social distancing guidelines, anyone planning to visit must book a slot. There will be 15 minute slots available which must be booked at least a day before you plan to visit, and will be available to book up to 14 days in advance.

You will be asked to show your booking to a member of staff, it does not need to be printed; on a phone screen will be accepted. Anyone coming to the HWRC without a booking will be turned away.

If you visit, you will see that there is a new layout at the HWRC. This is to make sure that people do not have to walk past each other to get to the different bays, so they can keep social distancing.

Due to this new layout, larger vehicles will not be allowed to visit the HWRC to begin with. Initially, only cars, 4x4s and small vans, up to 1500kgs, will be allowed into the tip. This new layout also means that containers cannot be emptied or the site cleaned effectively during opening hours so the HWRC will be open from 9am-5pm,
7 days a week, to give staff time to do these tasks at the beginning and end of the day.

There will be a reduction in the types of waste that can be disposed of at the HWRC. The following items only can be accepted: 

  • general rubbish
  • garden waste
  • recycling
  • small electrical appliances
  • small items of furniture

Any other waste including fridge/freezers, DIY waste or textiles will not be accepted as a number of disposal sites are still closed.

To ensure that everyone is safe and social distancing, site staff will not be able to help people unload items from their vehicles.

To book a slot to visit the HWRC, please call 01234 718013. For more information about visiting the site or how to book a slot, please visit www.bedford.gov.uk/hwrc

06 May 2020 Families urged to check if their children are eligible for Free School Meals

Bedford Borough Council is urging families to check if their children are eligible for free school meals as the coronavirus crisis creates more hardship across the Borough.

Children eligible for income-related free school meals are still entitled to receive their free school meal, a food voucher or at-home alternative while schools are closed.

Children who usually receive their meal under the ‘Universal Infant Free School Meals’ (for children in Year R, 1 and 2) are not included in this scheme unless they are also eligible for income-related free school meals.

Where a child was already receiving income-related free school meals and families would like to know what meal options are now available, they are advised to contact the child’s school.

The council is urging families whose  personal circumstances have recently changed  to check if their  child is now eligible to receive income-related free school meals and the current at-home alternative, please read our guidance and application process online at: www.bedford.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals  

Cllr Michael Headley, portfolio holder for Finance said, “Free school meals have always been very important for many children and in the current situation the provision of appropriate alternatives for families is crucial.

“We are concerned that families that are now struggling financially because of the coronavirus outbreak may not realise their child could be eligible for free school meals or where to go for help.

“Our message is that if your financial situation has changed, please go to our website, where you’ll find lots of information about free school meals so that you can check if you might be eligible and there is a simple form to use to apply.”

29 April 2020Bedfordshire Coronavirus Emergency Fund

The new Bedfordshire Coronavirus Emergency Fund, is OPEN for applications and donations.

If you would like to read the Guidance Notes to see if you are eligible please visit the website https://www.blcf.org.uk/2020/03/23/bedfordshire-coronavirus-emergency-fund/ and the online application form can also be found here. The Fund is aiming to turn applications around within 10 days to ensure support gets to you as quickly as possible.

Residents are also very welcome to donate – the internal team at BLCF have all joined together to donate too and every penny will go towards helping charitable organisations and groups in Bedfordshire continue to offer their vital services at this difficult time.

Please visit the donation page: https://www.givey.com/bedfordshireandlutoncommunityfoundation 

Should you have any queries do get in touch via email - administrator@blcf.org.uk and the grants team will do their best to support you.


22 April 2020Garden waste collections to resume from 27th April

Garden waste collections to resume from

27th April

Bedford Borough Council is restarting green garden waste collections from Monday 27 April, on a monthly basis to begin with. You should check when your next garden waste collection will be by visiting www.bedford.gov.uk/bins.


During the coronavirus outbreak, the Council has been following the latest government guidance to protect both the public and bin crews working on the front line. This meant there had to be some changes to ensure priority collections could continue, while enabling the crews to work in line with social distancing measures and stay safe.


Now, with the crews having settled into the new working practices to stay safe and the Council successfully sustaining the government’s direction over the priority of household waste and recycling collections, garden waste collections will be restarting from next Monday (27 April), on a monthly basis to begin with.


The Council’s crews are still having to work in a different way to ensure that they are staying safe and working to the government guidance so collections may take longer than usual. Black and orange bins will be collected as normal, but green bins may not be collected on your normal bin day.


Check when your next garden waste collection will be by visiting www.bedford.gov.uk/bins.The online collection day finder has been updated to reflect this brief change to monthly collections for garden waste.


What you can put into your garden waste bin

YES please:

  • grass cuttings
  • plants and flowers
  • weeds
  • prunings and hedge clippings
  • leaves and bark
  • vase plants and pond plants

NO thanks:

  • soil and rubble
  • vegetable peelings and kitchen waste
  • plastic bags, plant pots and polystyrene trays
  • animal bedding and pet waste
  • general household waste
  • persistent and noxious weeds (Ragwort, Japanese Knotweed, Spear Thistle, Creeping Thistle, Broad Leaf Dock, Curled Dock)
  • fake plants

Please make sure your garden waste is placed into the green bin loose (no bags please) and is contained within your bin. Extra garden waste will not be collected. 



20 April 2020Temporary Closure of Bridleway 18






Notice is hereby given that the Order made by Bedford Borough Council on the 18th October 2019 the effect of which will be to prohibit any person proceeding on foot along the length of public Bridleway Part of No 18, Clapham which extends from Ordnance Survey Grid Reference (OS GR) TL 0416 5494 (Map point A) to OS GR TL 0449 5554 (Map point B) for a period of six months has been continued in force with the approval of the Secretary of State for Transport until 28th October 2020.

This  closure is required whilst the bridge is out of repair. The closure will continue from Wednesday 29th April 2020 for a period of six months.

There is no alternative route for  users while the closure is in operation.

The Order will continue in force until 28th October 2020 or until the works have been completed, whichever is the earlier.

For further information, please telephone Allison Nelson on 07949 140881

Notice available via https://www.bedford.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/public-rights-of-way/temporary-closures/

Craig Austin
Director of Environment                                                   Cauldwell Street                                                                                                    Borough Hall                                                                                                        Bedford MK42 9AP                                                     



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