22 May 2013
Bottle Bank success

At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on Monday, 20 May, the Chairman announced that a cheque for £113.42 had been received.

This is not a vast sum of money, but, while not exactly being 'money for old rope' it was actually 'money for old bottles!' For this was the sum earned in Recycling Credits by the Council's bottle bank in the Pingo Trail lay-by in 2012/13.

This was considerably more than the previous year when a measly £42.48 was received.

The Chairman said that he could not understand why people took their bottles to Tesco or Sainsbury when by recycling the in the parish bottle bank they could earn money for their village. He encouraged everybody in the parish to make full use of this facility.

The bottle bank is in the Pingo Trail lay-by on the A1075 in Stow Bedon.

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