18 September 2013
Development on Peddars Way

You may be aware that Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) has constructed a woodland poultry business alongside Peddars Way National Trail for some 40,000 birds.

The site is partly designated as a County Wildlife Site, and is surrounded by areas designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Special Protection Areas, and Special Areas of Conservation.

The development took place without observing the niceties of applying for planning permission, and eventually the Parish Council (in conjunction with the Councils of Hockham and Wretham) persuaded Breckland Council to take an interest, and an Enforcement Notice was issued. TNP appealed against this, but the appeal was rejected by the Planning Inspector.

TNP has now made seven retrospective applications to retain this development. Part of these submissions is an Ecological Study, which unsurprisingly found very little fauna of flora on the site. (40,000 chickens eat a lot of insects and plants!)

The Council has objected strongly to the applications, as have the other Councils and the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. But if Breckland Council is to be persuaded to turn these applications down, the residents of the parish need to do so too.

The external link below will take you to the application on Breckland Council's website, from which you can view the documents which include the Parish Council's detailed objection letter, or add your own comments. Please do so.

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