09 February 2014
"Totally unnacceptable" development may be approved

“Totally unacceptable” was how a member of Breckland Council’s Planning Committee described the way the directors of Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) had behaved in their development of a chicken and turkey farm on the 2000 year-old Peddars Way in Stow Bedon.

The applications were all refused permission, when eventually they were submitted after enforcement action had been taken, and TNPs appeal against the action was rejected by the Planning Inspector.

Now, though, the company is trying to use a loophole in the planning system which may result in them being able to retain some of the structures they put up about two years ago without permission.

The Permitted Development Order is designed mainly to allow established farming businesses to construct buildings necessary for their business. The Order cannot be used to get retrospective permission, but it seems that TNP has temporarily moved the polytunnels off part of their site, and now made applications under this scheme.

TNP has also lodged appeals against the other rejected applications, only days before the end of the period of grace they had been given to clear off the site in Breckles Heath under the Enforcement Notice.

Local Parish Councils and the District Council Ward Representative have all asked Breckland Council to stand up for the local people, the environment, and the many people who use Peddars way legitimately, and said that these applications should also be refused.



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