07 May 2015
What's your name?

It's a very simple question, and normally everybody knows the answer.

But if you were to be asked "What is the name of the Parish you live in?" you would probably have given the wrong answer.

Originally, when civil parishes were formed in 1894, there was a Parish of Stow Bedon and a Parish of Breckles. Then, in 1925, the County of Norfolk Review abolished a number of parishes, merging them with neighbouring ones, so the Parish of Breckles disappeared, merging with the Parish of Stow Bedon. But the name of that parish was not formally changed.

By virtue of common usage, eventually everybody came to call it the Parish of Stow Bedon and Breckles. This included Breckland Council, Norfolk County Council, and even the Central Government. However, legally the name was not changed, and so remained the Parish of Stow Bedon.

However, the Parish Council asked Breckland to agree to formally change the name, and on 26 March the Order doing this was sealed.

So now its official - this is the Parish of Stow Bedon and Breckles.

Of course, we knew that already. Just look at the heading to this page!!

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