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Street Lights

The street lights in the village are owned by the Parish Council and maintained by contractors.

Northamptonshire County Council (Balfour Beatty) has no responsibility for lights in the village and will not carry out repairs if you contact them.

If you wish to report a fault, please e-mail the clerk to the council, Sue Porter, on 01327 301570 or clerk@whiltonpc.co.uk with the lamp details (listed below) and she will report it for you.

Under normal conditions the light should be fixed within the same week, if reported early enough in the week. If it isn't repaired within two weeks, please advise the clerk so that she can contact the contractor.

Lamp Numbers

01-  Brington Lane near Woodview
02 - Brington Lane near The Triangle
03 - Main Street near the Village Hall
04 - The Green
05 - Main Street opposite Thatched Cottage
06 - Main Street near The Gardens
07 - South View outside no. 6
08 - South View opposite Langton Rise
09 - Main Street near the Old Plough
10 - Main Street opposite Wadd Close
11 - Brington Lane near Orchard House
12 - Manor Lane
13 - South View opposite Langton Rise
14 - The Locks
15 - Main Street near Rose Cottage


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