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Freedom of Information Act 2000
Revised Schedule of information available to residents.
Organisational Information
1.         Address and telephone contact details for the Clerk and all Council members.
2.         Location and contact details for the council office
3.         Details of Committees
            Financial Information
4.         Financial records for the current and previous year
5.         Annual Return form submitted to the audit Commission and report by the external auditor – limited to last financial year
6.         Reports by the Internal Auditor – limited to the last financial year
7.         Approved estimates for the current and previous year
8.         Calculation of precept – limited to the last financial year
9.         Financial Standing Orders and Regulations
10.       Grants given under s137 of the Local Government Act 1972
11        Details of contracts let by the Council
The Council’s Priorities and Objectives
12.       The Chairman’s Annual Report to the Parish
Decision Making
13.       Timetable of Meetings – Council, Committees and Annual Parish
14.       Agendas of Meetings – limited to the last financial year
15.       Minutes of Meetings
16.       Reports to Council Meetings
17.       Responses to consultation papers
18.       Responses to Planning Applications
19.       Bye Laws
            Policies and Procedures 
20.       Standing Orders
21.       Committee terms of reference
22.       Delegated authority in respect of officers
23.       Code of conduct
24.       Policy Statements
25.       Equality and Diversity Policy
26.       Health and Safety Policy
27.       Procedures for handling requests for information
28.       Complaints procedures
            Lists and Registers
29.       Assets register
30.       Register of members’ interests
31.       Register of gifts and hospitality
32.       Land registry and rentals
            Services provided by the Council
33.       Burial Grounds
34.       Play Equipment
35.       Street Furniture
36.       Bus Shelters
Schedule of Information available under the New Model Publication Scheme approved by Council 6 January 2009 (Minute 6/09).

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A charge of 10p per sheet of information will be made for photocopying, plus postage.   
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