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Skidby Parish Council has produced this document to provide a ‘catalogue’ of information and procedures, with handy points of reference which may be consulted both at the beginning of and at any time during the course of a major incident.


This document is issued to key individuals within the Parish of Skidby to assist in the recovery from such incidents in the minimum amount of time, with minimum disruption and at minimum cost.


The material contained in this document has been culled from a variety of sources and contributions as to future amendments and additions would be welcome.  These should be directed to the Clerk of Skidby Parish Council.


It is important that this document is seen solely as an Aide Memoire and not as a ‘catch all’ compendium.  It is a source of considerable assistance which can help you respond to any major incident.


      Skidby Parish Council


1.    Introduction


       The initial response to a major incident should be provided by the Police, Fire and Ambulance services who will call for support and assistance from East Riding of Yorkshire Council as appropriate. 


       However, the flooding in June 2007 showed the need for Skidby Parish to have procedures in place for supporting the community, working in co-ordination with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the emergency services in the event of any major incident.


       We should be able to act faster than many of the responding organisations, as we have local knowledge contained within this Plan that could prove invaluable during the response to a major incident.


       This means that anyone with a copy of this Plan can pick it up and use it. Even people new to the area will have a full knowledge of where to go for resources.


2.    Aim

Our aim has been to plan properly for foreseeable circumstances and learn lessons from previous incidents whilst adopting a rational and logical decision making process that will make our plan work.  Skidby Parish Council will monitor and evaluate this Plan.  If it is not current or it is flawed we will rewrite it.

3.    Plan Ownership & Document Control

Skidby Parish Council owns this Plan and its contents and it is their responsibility to ensure it is accurate and up to date.  Skidby Parish Council will review this plan at least annually.



Section 1:   Activation      


When the Plan will be Activated


This plan will be activated when at least Two Members of Skidby Parish Council consider it necessary to take action in response to an incident, and when action cannot be taken effectively without triggering the arrangements outlined in this document. 

Responsibility for Activating the Plan


Any two of the following people can activate this emergency plan:


  • Chairman (P Roustoby), Vice Chairman  (L Varey) keyholder
  • Councillors  G Foster, M Hall, T Hasnip Key Holder A Hunsley Key Holder S Hooker, Key Holder, P Woods and P Young





The plan shall be revised / updated and exercised annually, usually via a desk top exercise.


How the Plan will be Activated


This plan will be activated when two of the persons listed above/section 2 decide that the plan should be triggered, and begin to follow the initial actions checklist in Section 3.

If the incident involves a flooding event the action plan at Section 4 should be followed.


Skidby Parish Council Members May 2018:-


            Peter Roustoby,  Westfield Farm, Skidby                07929 006997

            Vice Chairman

            Lynda Varey, Lowfields, Skidby, HU16 5SR            01482 876641                            

             Parish Councillors

            Angela Hunsley, Far Stions Farm, Eppleworth                       01482 848240

            George Foster, 44 Main Street, Skidby                                 01482 875309

            Sarah Hooker, 22 Orchard Road, Skidby                               07772 719551

            Paul Woods, 26 Main Street, Skidby                                     01482 846905

            Marcus Hall Eppleworth Wood Farm, Eppleworth                    01482 876023

            Tom Hasnip, 38 Trinity Garth, Skidby                                   01482 846502

            Pauline Young, 7 Main Street, Skidby                                    01482 845507

East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Dale Ward Councillors 

            Terry Gill, 74 Spindlewood, Elloughton                                01482 666924

            Pat Smith, 36 Drovers Road, Elloughton                              01482 666785

            Richard Meredith, Peggy Farrow House, Elloughton               07824 559448

Clerk to Skidby Parish Council

            Vacant position                                      


Section 3:   Initial Actions


   Initial Actions


                              Assess the nature and scale of the incident AND Take Charge                         

    What has happened - Crashed aircraft, natural disaster (severe weather)                                         

     Where - Location - be as precise as possible.

     Casualties - Numbers - few or many.

     Fire - Extent/likelihood

Services Required - Fire, Ambulance, Police, East Riding of Yorkshire     Council, public utilities.

     Access - Advise best routes to and from site.


  • Make contact with the Emergency Services and East Riding of Yorkshire Council (if appropriate) and pass on this information. 
  • Identify hazards/causes of further problems and minimise their effect - for example if flooding, arrange for drains and gullies to be cleared and initiate any remedial work that may be required e.g. clearing the grills.
  • Inform the Emergency Management Team Members (see Section 2)
  • Gather as much information about the situation as possible and commence a log of events. Do you need to consider evacuation? Is it necessary? Remember it is the owner’s decision to evacuate from premises, but you can advise them. Identify safe exits for evacuation and arrange a SAFE evacuation assembly point. 
  • Agree and establish a Command Centre (see Section 2).
  • Open Emergency accommodation and ensure you have a power supply, heat and arrange food supplies (if not readily available).
  • Vulnerable members of the community, identified in Section 5, will need to be contacted as appropriate and advice /assistance should be offered.
  • Emergency Medical Care members of the community identified in section 6 are those qualified to provide emergency medical care.


  • Arrange for the community resources /organisations identified in Section 6 to be made available as necessary.
  • Make provision for livestock and pets.  What animals are at risk?  Arrange for relocation.




Section 4:  Initial Actions FOR A FLOODING INCIDENT


Contact Details East Riding of Yorkshire Ward Councillors


Ward Councillors




Cllr. Terry Gill

            74 Spindlewood



            East Yorkshire HU15 1LL

            e-mail councillor.gill@eastriding.gov.uk


Cllr. Richard Meredith

            Peggy Farrow House,

            Elloughton Dale,



            East Yorkshire HU15 1QB

e-mail         councillor.meredith@eastriding.gov.uk


Cllr. Pat Smith

            36 Drovers Rise,



            East Yorkshire HU15 1LN

e-mail   smith36@smith36.karoo.co.uk


01482 666924























01482 666785











The Incident Room shall be:-

                       SKIDBY VILLAGE HALL

                        CHURCH RISE


                        EAST YORKSHIRE

                        HU16 5TG


For duties in the Incident Room, during an emergency, see appendix B


An Emergency Box shall be held on the premises with a minimum content of:

            A copy of this plan                 A copy of the electoral roll for the parish

            A map of the parish                A wind up radio

            A wind up torch                      A first aid kit

            A number of fluorescent jackets

            Paper, pens and clipboard

            A whistle



Fire, Police, Ambulance          999                 Castle Hill Hospital       01482 875875

Police Non-Emergency           101                  Hull Royal Infirmary     01482 328541

Gas Supply                           0800 111 999   East Riding Council      01482 393939

Yorkshire Water                     0845 1242424  Environment Agency    0345 9881188

Electricity Supply                   0800 375675    K C Operator               194

NHS Direct                            111                  KC Line Fault              151



If evacuation to an Emergency Shelter is required, the principal site shall be:



For keys contact a keyholder -            Peter Roustoby   07929 006997



The Village Hall also has a key safe which T Hasnip, A Hunsley and L Varey has the code for entry.


If the Village Hall is not available, or additional space is required, the following have been offered for emergency assistance:


Skidby Playing Field Pavilion, Manor Garth, Skidby                                                                          

Skidby Lakes Golf Club, Wood Hill Way, Cottingham   01482 844270

Little Weighton Village Hall, Old Village Road,Little Weighton  01482 844461(Mrs P Campbell)





The following have indicated that they could provide emergency supplies:


Morrisons, Victoria Road, Beverley                           01482 870087

Waitrose, Willerby Retail Park                                  01482 655266

Co operative, Hallgate, Cottingham                          01482 848203

Aldi, Great Gutter Lane, Willerby                              08444068800

Lidl, Great Gutter Lane, Willerby                              08704441234



Amateur radio:  Ring East Riding Council for details of “Ray Net”


Blankets: Will be available from The Old Vicarage Residential Home 01482 876633


Counselling:  The following have indicated that they could be available for advising distressed persons in an emergency:

Reverend Meg Woodlock – Smith (Retired Methodist Minister) 01482 840842

Linguists:  TBA

Medical Advice: Contact patients GP or use Ambulance Service

Pharmaceutical Advice: Morrisons Pharmacy, Victoria Road, Beverley 01482 874061

Volunteer Nursing: Vilborg Cleland            01482 846092

 Four Wheel Drive Vehicles:-  

 Mrs L Bielby, 11 Church Rise, Skidby  01482 843348   07975 541671                  

 Jon Kool, Highfield, Little Weighton Road, Skidby 01482 875747 07712 773700

 Paul O’Connor 29 Orchard Road, Skidby 07867 697253

 Industrial scale equipment / pumps / tools etc.     These might be obtained from: 

 Jon Kool, Highfield, Little Weighton Road, Skidby         01482 875747

 G O Foster Ltd, Middle Farm, Main Street, Skidby         01482 875309

 JMJ Woodworking, Main Street, Skidby      01482 840103

Defibrillator - located at the Village Hall in an unlocked box.  Yorkshire Ambulance Trust has been informed of the installation.



The following people / organisations may need to be contacted:-

Retirement Homes The Old Vicarage Residential Home, Main Street, Skidby  01482 876633


Primary School   Skidby C of E Primary School, Main Street, Skidby    01482 846169

                           Skidby Pre School Playgroup (at the Primary School)

We have included an evacuation policy for Skidby School Appendix D

We may need to keep a list of vulnerable individuals eg persons with particular medical conditions.





The tasks which will need to be carried out by the Emergency Team may include (but will not be limited to)


  • Check the shelter for cleanliness and safe operation
  • Man a “registration desk” to keep basic details of the people present to include a note of any special requirements they may have
  • Man a telephone / communications desk
  • Monitor BBC Radio Humberside (95.9FM)
  • Set up a rota of duties if the incident is prolonged
  • Pass on incident updates from the Incident Control Room
  • Provide basic welfare needs (eg simple refreshments)
  • Organise transport to and from the shelter
  • Organise a place for any media interviews (strictly voluntary) with victims to be OUTSIDE the Shelter
  • Provide for simple amusements eg board games, books, magazines
  • Provide separate accommodation for anyone bringing pets with them
  • Enforce a no smoking, no alcoholic drinks rule


                                              APPENDIX B

Skidby CE Primary School

Evacuation Policy


The overall aim of this policy is to ensure the children’s safety and wellbeing should there be cause to evacuate the school premises in the event of an emergency situation. If the premises need to be evacuated, the following will happen:


There will be 5 rings of the school bell giving a warning to all staff that the school needs to be evacuated.



The class teacher and the TA should complete a role call of all of the children at school that day and line up the children as quickly and calmly as possible.


The teacher and TA will then calmly walk their children to the school gate (the first teacher to the gate will need to unlock) and walk directly to Skidby Village Hall to get the children to a safe place until any situation can be resolved.



If a threat to the safety of the children is encountered, the SBM (Mrs Grady) will sound the alarm 5 times to indicate the school must be evacuated.


The SBM will then dial 999 if appropriate.

The SBM will contact Peter Roustoby (chair) 07929 006997

The SMB will then join the rest of the school to walk to the Skidby Village Hall, taking the evacuation pack with all the relevant parent and LEA contact numbers.

Under no circumstances should the children be advised if there is a potential threat to their safety, the children should be kept calm at all times.


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